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I don’t know where it came from, or when it first occured, but sometime during the 2014 season I got the phrase “fantasy circus” stuck in my head.  Like the chorus of a bad 80’s pop song, it just kept repeating in my brain for weeks, and I knew the only way to get rid of it, was to use it.  This is the result

-Coach Crash 

League Overview


The Fantasy Circus format is simple and even more fun than a trip to the the big top – so grab your popcorn and peanuts!  At the start of the season, 16 teams are split into two groups – The Clown Car and The Elephant Troupe.  In the Matinee Round, Weeks 1-7, teams play a single round robin in their group.  At the conclusion of Week 7, the top 4 teams from each group – 8 teams total – advance to Round Two.  The other 8 teams are eliminatedand all of their players become free agents for the surviving teams to vulture
In Weeks 8-14, the 8 teams that advanced to the second round of competition, play another round robin, and at the conclusion of Week 14,  the bottom four teams of that group are then eliminated as well – along with their players –  and the top four teams advance to the Main Event.
In the final three weeks of the show, Weeks 15-17, the four teams that have made it, play a final round robin, at the end of which, one of them is crowned Ringmaster.

The Draft:

The Fantasy Circus draft is auction style.  Spend wisely when booking your acts; your budget is only 200, and you have to fill 9 starting positions.  If you do have any cash left over, though, it will go into your seasonal WAB budget – that could be important since you’ll still have to pick up 5 players for your bench in free agency, and unless you have some leftover from the draft auction, your WAB bank will start the season with zero.

Waivers and WAB points:

Teams will come out of the Fantasy Circus draft auction with all nine of their starters, but no bench players. Immediately following the draft, 5 bench spots will be added to team rosters, but unless they have auction money left over, teams will start the season with a WAB budget of zero.  Waiver settings are for four days, so once the four days are up teams can pick up players in free agency, but of course, there’s no guarantees the player they want will be available.  Like circus performers forced to sing for their dinner, teams must perform on Sundays to fill their WAB banks. Each week, teams’ points from the previous week will be converted to WAB points, they can then spend them, or a portion of them, or save them, letting them roll over to the next week.

The Lion’s Cage:

Lion TamerInstead of a traditional playoff format, in the Fantasy Circus, the final round serves as the playoffs.  The four teams that have survived to make it onto the final stage – The Lion’s Cage, is what teams have called it – and play through a round robin schedule in Weeks 15, 16, and 17.  The team that comes out on top of that group, is the Fantasy Circus Ringmaster.



2018 Season Notes:

AF’s Fantasy Circus makes the conversion from League to Tournament for the 2018 season.  This means an entry fee ($35.00) and prize payout ($560 split between top 4 finishers) has been put into place, and also that teams in the Circus will no longer be ranked on the AF Top 25.  The overall format of the Circus remains unchanged.

  • League/Tournament Rules Page has been fully updated
    • most notable rules updates include adoption of entry fees and prize money, a change in the standings tiebreaker rules, and some scoring adjustments because the Association has modified the scoring sets the Circus uses
  • Deadline for 2017 teams checking in to confirm their return for the 2018 season is Monday, August 13
  • Deadline for entry fee payment through LeagueSafe is Friday, August 17 for returning teams and will be 3 days after receiving invite for new teams
  • Draft is scheduled for Sunday, August 26 @1:00pm EDT

Acts confirmed for 2018:

  1. I’m Staring At Her TD’s
  3. Mighty Pats
  4. Cintoral Piercings
  5. Desert Dogs
  6. King George Bluto’s
  7. ladies and Edelman
  8. Wet Work Scrappers

New Acts Lined Up For 2018:

  1. 2 Gurleys 1 Kupp
  2. Dagobah Swamp Force

Join The Circus

You can get on the waiting list now to reserve your spot for any vacancies that open up for the 2018 season.  2017 teams may confirm their return for 2018 after June 1; You can reserve your spot now for any vacancies that arise.