Super Sixteen

“Running a football team is no different than running any other kind of organization — an army, a political party or a business. The principles are the same. The object is to win — to beat the other guy.”

-Vince Lombardi

logo soloWhat if…..what if the NFL-AFL Merger had never taken place?  What if, instead of the two leagues joining to become the basis of the NFL we know today, instead, the NFL only absorbed 2 or 3 of the AFL franchises as had happened in the ’40s with the earlier AFL?  What if the expansion of the ’70s that the merger resulted in, had never happened?  And what if the most recent expansions in the ’90s never occurred either?  What if, when the NFL reached the number of 16 franchises, it was decided that the league would hold to that number of teams and never expand further?

What would the game look like if there were never more than just 16 teams in any given season?  It would be a Super League.  Just imagine, half of the teams would be gone…..but their players, their stars, their studs, would still be out there, absorbed by the other 16 teams.  With only half the number of teams in the league, those that remain would instantly double their depth of talent.  There would still be good teams and bad teams from season to season, but the bad teams would be twice as talented as the bad teams are now.  And the good teams, well the good teams would be like watching the All Stars.  Can you imagine watching the 85 Bears or the 07 Patriots with twice as much talent?

Thanks to the world of fantasy football, we can experience that what if.  The Super 16 was born in 2012 to mimic that alternate reality.  A 16 team Super League.  Players choose their favorite NFL franchise as their base team, and select the stud keepers they want from it on both offense and defense.  Teams are then filled out through the draft, absorbing the players from the 16 teams that would no longer exist, and trying to get their team to the promised land.  With formation rosters on offense and defense and IDP scoring that makes defensive studs just as valuable as their offensive counterparts, S16 coaches must choose between building an offensive, defensive, or  overall balanced team to battle their way through their division and into the playoffs.  Now, we no longer have to wonder ‘what if’…

2019 Season Notes: