World Fantasy League





WFL info

WFL AF Registered Coaches:                                                          WFL Association Member Teams:

  • Coach Crash                                                                                                                                 New Orleans Acadians
  • Rox





2017 Season Notes:

The following teams have confirmed their return for the 2017 season:

  1. New Orleans Acadians
  2. Dublin Bay Prawns
  3. Buenos Aires Blue Dogs
  4. City of Champions
  5. Scandinavian Stars
  6. London Falling
  7. Jerusalem Cheeseheads
  8. Mexico Aztecs
  9. Dacusville Devils
  10. Old England Patriots
  11. Cali Rox (New Franchise)
  12.  – (New Franchise)



Pending Updates for 2017:

  • 2016 All-Conference Teams Named – POSTED
  • 2016 End-of-Season Awards – POSTED
  • League Records page Updated Through 2016 Season – COMPLETE/POSTED
    • Can be found at menu League>World Fantasy League>History>Record Book (or at the link above)
  • League Trophy Page – UPDATED/POSTED
    • Can be found at menu Leagues>World Fantasy League>History>Awards (or at the link above)
  • 2016 Season Review – PENDING (I’ll try to do one of these this off-season for last year’s season if I have time)
  • 2017 Rules Changes (if applicable) – POSTED
    • Can be found at menu Leagues>World Fantasy League>League Rules (or at the link above)(rules changes for 2017 appear in red, or see update email for more information)
  • 2017 Draft Order – POSTED (below)
  • 2017 Schedule Release – POSTED (see World League page)
  • Pre-Season Trading Update – PENDING
  • Pre-Season Team Rosters Page Update – POSTED
    • All teams’ 2016 end-of-season rosters have been posted.  Can be found at menu Leagues>World Fantasy League>2016 Rosters/2017 Keepers (or, at the link above)
  • Pre-Season Trading Period – PENDING
  • 2017 Keepers Named – PENDING
  • 2017 Draft Start Date Set – PENDING







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