Fantasy Addicts





I am a Fantasy Addict.  I go to meetings every Sunday (and Monday and Thursday)

Are you a fantasy addict?  Do you start mock drafts in March?  Do you know the stats for the 3rd string RB in Buffalo?  The 40 times for the top 20 rookie WRs?  The shoe size of all 32 starting kickers?

In too many leagues?  Do you wake in a cold sweat from the nightmare of missing a draft?  Do you get sad that you never get to use your sleepers because your starting picks were JUST. THAT. GOOD.

Then this is the league for you.

Created in 2012 by a rookie commissioner that wanted just one more draft, I threw the kitchen sink and everything else at this league, with 11 starting positions on offense and defense each.  The draft, held late at night on Football Eve, the night before opening day, was my way of getting in one last fix from the fantasy draft season and is one of the most intense drafting experiences ever.








2018 Season Notes:

Teams Confirmed for 2018 Season:

  • Black Sheep
  • Orange Lantern Corps
  • Suspension Freaks XL
  • Kizzy’s Krackbacks
  • WhyNots
  • Mighty Pats
  • On The Rox
  • The Great Khalil
  • monkeys on ecstasy
  • Houston Hostiles

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