League 20Eight


AF’s Premier High Stakes Fantasy League


 20 Starters,  8 Teams,  1 Champion

“Get your pads down and make a hole! We didn’t come to play fucking patty-cake”
– Marty Schottenheimer


2017 Season Notes:

League Rules have been revised for the 2017 season

  • Changes include a return to Revolving Waivers (move to last after claim) and a revision of the order of tiebreakers

All entry fees/payouts handled through LeagueSafe   Deadline for entry fee payment will be July 31 or 72 hours after all slots are filled for the 2017 season, whichever comes last

Teams confirmed for League 28 Season 2017:

  1. Anytime Baby
  2. (Reserved)
  3. (Reserved)
  4. (Reserved)
  5. (Open)
  6. (Open)
  7. (Open)
  8. (Open)



If you would like to join this league for the 2017 season, you can use the form below to make an initial commitment.  No entry fees are required yet, and you can back out if you change your mind.  We’d just like to get 8 teams lined up to bring this exciting league back to the field for the 2017 season. 


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