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Fantasy Football that feels like the Golden Age of minor league baseball

I’ve never really been much of a baseball fan, not the MLB, anyway. My mom’s a big Yankees fan, so I like to sit with her and cheer for the Red Sox whenever New York and Boston  play each other – just to make it fun. But football alone has been my primary passion for a long time.  In the off-season, though, when fantasy isn’t consuming all of my free time, I love to read about the history of America’s older pastime,  especially from the era of the first half of the last century, and particularly about the minor and competing of dust
I don’t know exactly what it is that facinates me about it so much, but it is certainly a special kind of nostalgia.  To read about all the old teams in unlikely cities and forgotten stadiums, to see those grainy old photos, it brings me back to the game as I first new it: as a kid playing little league.  There’s something special and unique about those memories; under the lights on balmy summer nights in a small southern town; the crack of the bat and the yells of the crowd; the smell of popcorn and chilli-dogs in the air; that anxious feeling of hoping that girl in your class is watching when you make that slide into second.  Just magic.
And now, I think I’ve found a way to bring that world to fantasy football, with a low scoring league, filled with teams from unlikely cities or towns across the old south, reminiscent of the ball clubs in the old Southern Association or the old Southern Negro League.  It’s fantasy football that feels like the Golden Age of minor league baseball.          -Coach Crash
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League Notes:

Dixie Logo red,white,blue The Dixie League has been around in some form or another since 2009 – making it the oldest league in the Associated Fantasy family of leagues – but it has had a bumpy and inconsistant history, going through multiple incarnations and format changes, and suspending operations twice.  In 2015 it played with the minimum required 6 franchises; in 2016 with 10.  The ultimate goal is for a 14 team league.
Under it’s current format, The Dixie fields a group of franchises (6, 8, 10, 12, or 14) from southern US cities broken into two divisions or ‘Leagues’.  In keeping with
sulphur dell

Built in 1870, on the site of a field first laid by Union soldiers in 1862, Tennessee’s Sulphor Dell (also known as Athletic Park) was the oldest baseball park in continual use in the country when it was demolished 1 year shy of it’s centennial in 1969. The site became a parking lot through much of the next 40+ years, but on April 17, 2015, First Tennessee Park opened, built on the original site, as the new home of the Triple-A Nashville Sounds.

the baseball theme, rosters consist of 9 starting positions, 1 each of: QB, RB, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE FLEX, K, DL, LB, and DP FLEX.   Scoring settings are be AF Century (for offense) and AF Canton (for defense) which ensures extremely low scoring games (baseball-like scores), further adding to the ‘baseball feel’ of the league.  Double-Header scheduling is also utilized.

Playoffs –  The post-season is held in Weeks 12-17.  The top two teams from each league (division) face off in a best of 3 series in Weeks 12, 13, and 14 (if neccessary).  The winners of the two championship series, face each other in the Dixie League Championship Series (DLCS) in another best of 3 match-up set in Weeks 15, 16, and 17 (if neccessary).
Draft, Keepers, and Money – Beginning with the off-season of the first season in which 8 or more teams return, dynasty rules will be triggered.  In that instance, 9 keepers will be selected by teams from their prior year rosters, corresponding to the 9 starting positions, and the draft will then become an auction draft to fill out team rosters with 6 players after 9 starters have been selected by teams to be their keepers.  A $25.00 entry fee will also be triggered in the first season that 8 or more teams return.
Full rules can be seen at the League Rules Page, and if you’re ready to sign up, you can use the form at the bottom of the page.

2018 Season Notes:

  • There is now a League Record Book that covers the last 3 seasons since The Dixie League adopted the baseball themed format.  You can find it at that link or under the Dixie League menu tab
  • The 2017 Season Page has been archived under the History subtab of the Dixie League tab
  • Historical Standings Page has been updated
  • Championship Pennants page has been updated
  • Historical Pennants Page has been removed until I can get it updated
  • League Rules update is pending (there may be some small scoring changes)
  • REMINDER: if 8 or more teams confirm a return for this season, it will trigger Rule XI which will convert the league to a $25 entry fee and dynasty format
  • REMINDER: as I do each year, I’m goin to try to get the league up to 14 total teams, if 8 or more teams return, triggering the dynasty change, AND there are new teams on top of the 8 or morte returning teams, I will put out a set of supplemental rules to conduct an expansion draft.  I’ll explain that fully if it becomes necessary

To celebrate their 2017 Dixie League Championship, the League has issued the Austin Bulls a commemorative Alternate Team Pennant

Confirmed Returning for 2018:

  • New Orleans Black Hats
  • Andalusia Arrows
  • Austin Bulls
  • Lakeland Raiders
  • Orlando Crush