Roster Barons

Only the Best Fantasy GMs become BARONS


Roster Barons will test just how good of a Fantasy GM you are, buying and selling players like real estate Robber Barons of the gilded age.  Can you make the right personnel decisions to build your team while the season’s underway?  Can you navigate the Waiver Wire, manage an Auction Budget, select the right player to protect with your Franchise Tag? Can you Out-Trade the next guy, and bet on the right players to come out on top of those trades?  Can you avoid BYE Week troubles without a bench and be lucky enough to dodge the injury monster?  Guide your team to the top of a points competition with the roster you build to put yourself into a 3-week Championship game where you get to eliminate your opponent’s heaviest hitters to become the Roster Baron Champion.











2017 Season Notes:

The 2017 season will mark the conversion of the 2016 Roster Barons Tournament into a recurring Associated Fantasy league, still called Roster Barons.  The rules and format have been completely overhauled in a way that I think retains the spirit of the format from the 2016 Tournament, while correcting the problems and making it overall much more competitive.  Full details of the rules changes can be viewed on the new League Rules Page (edits from the Tournament Rules appear in RED print), but the highlights are below:

  • The $25 entry fee and $200 winner-take-all pay-out remains unchanged
  • It remains a field of 8 teams
  • 2016 Tournament Champion Coach Ramona of the High Flyers has agreed to come on board as my Assistant League Manager to help with weekly score keeping – Special thanks for the help
  • Roster Settings have been changed to AF Standard1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE FLEX, 1K
    • There will be no Team Defense and no Bench slots to start the season, BUT, 1 Team Defense position, 1 QB/RB/WR/TE SUPER FLEX position, and 3 Bench Slots will be added at the start of Round 2 (Week 8)
  • ‘In Game’ (Fantasy Points) scoring remains with the AF Standard settings used in the 2016 Tournament
  • In the 2016 Tournament, total points were tabulated by adding Fantasy Points (points scored in game) to “Roster Points” ( the series of bonus points); this has been replaced with a new system called “Standings Points
    • Standings Points
      • Standings Points will take the place of the role of W-L Standings of traditional leagues
      • Fantasy Points (in-game scoring) now counts only toward winning or losing individual games (and in the order of tiebreakers rules)
      • Teams will accumulate Standings Points through the following criteria:
        • Win = 100
        • Tie = 50
        • Consecutive win = Number of Consecutive Wins x 10
        • Trading = 0
        • ‘Winning’ A Trade = 50
        • Highest Scoring Player Acquired In Week = 40
      • Teams will earn Standings Points all season and be ranked by them weekly.  The new system of these points does away with being able to run up points by just trading, while retaining the concept of being able to get ahead by ‘out-trading’ your trade partner.  It also places a greater emphasis on winning your weekly games through your weekly acquisitions.  This section of the rules goes into quite a bit of detail
  • The 2 round email draft has been done away with and is replaced with a live, online auction draft (Date/Time still TBD)
    • Teams will be selecting 3 initial players by auction – any position
    • This section of the rules goes into a bit of detail as well, as to how this is set this up to work around the available settings at
  • Schedule/Regular Season
    • Regular Season will be Weeks 1-14 (Round 1 Weeks 1-7; Round 2 Weeks 8-14)
    • The match-up schedule will be set up as a double-round robin in which each team in the tournament will be placed head-to-head with every other team in the tournament once in Weeks 1-7 (Round 1), and again in Weeks 8-14 (Round 2)
    • The order of the round robin match-ups will be inverted in Round 2, meaning that each team’s Week 8-14 schedule will be the inverse order of opponents they played in Weeks 1-7
  • Free Agency
    • Round 1
      • Teams will start Week 1 with 3 players acquired in the Auction Draft (this will leave 6 spots to fill between Week 1 and Week 7)
      • Free Agency settings will be set to “Revolving Waivers, never reset, move to last after successful claim”
      • Waiver Period will be 2 days
      • Initial Waiver Priority order in Week 1 will be inverse of Week 1 total fantasy points
      • Teams will only be permitted 1 Add per week (through Week 7)
      • After Week 7 – same as last year – teams must name a Franchised Player, and all other players will be removed from their roster
    • Round 2
      • At the start of Week 8 (conclusion of Week 7), concurrent with all non-Franchise Tagged players being released into Free Agency, Waiver Settings will be switched to a “Waiver Auction Budget”
      • Waiver Budget will be the total fantasy points teams have scored in Weeks 1-7
      • 1 QB/RB/WR/TE SUPER FLEX, 1 TEAM DEF, and 3 Bench positions will be added to rosters 
      • Max adds per week will be raised to 2
  • Trading
    • Trading is still highly encouraged, but teams will no longer score bonus points for simply making a trade; teams will, however, score 50 bonus points for being the team that comes out on top of a trade
    • Teams can still re-trade players within the week, however only the ‘end user‘ of an acquired player can receive the 50 point bonus
    • WAB dollars can now be traded for a player or as part of a player-for-player trade (Weeks 8-14) essentially allowing teams to buy and sell players
  • Playoffs/Championship
    • Round 3 has been done away with, and replaced with a 3 week Championship Game
    • The top two teams by Standings Points at the conclusion of Week 14, will face each other in a 3 week cumulative points Championship Game in Weeks 15, 16, and 17
    • Add/Drops will be locked for the Championship
    • The 3 week Championship game will be won by the team scoring the most combined fantasy points over that period
    • Each week of the Championship Game, the two competing teams will have the ability to name one player from their opponent’s team to be cut
    • Winner after 3 weeks will be the League Champion and win the prize money


Teams Confirmed for 2017: