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2018 International Exposition and Championship

Berlin, Germany 

Weeks 16 and 17


Season Stats*



*Yellow boxes indicate a record breaking/setting performance

IFFL Divisional Playoffs at the Half

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Hawaii On The Verge Of History


IFFL PreSeason Update

2018 Schedule Grid


2018 Notes:

  • Teams may begin confirming their return for 2018 on June 1
  • IFFL Trophy Page, IFFL Stats Page, and IFFL Record Book has now been updated through the 2017 season
  • The League Rules Page will be updated with draft date/time info and with an enhancement to the regular season (Weeks 1-11) scheduling by the end of July; the quarterback shortage of 2017 will also be adressed with a rules change.  No other rules changes are expected.

Teams Confirmed for the 2018 season:

  1. New Orleans VooDoo
  2. Chicago Fire
  3. Istanbul Lions
  4. Cardiff Crusaders
  5. Los Angeles Dragons
  6. Hawaiian Beach Bums
  7. Perth Panthers
  8. Scottish Claymores
  9. Venice Killerwhales
  10. Melborne Maulers
  11. Kuala Lumpur Tigers
  12. Rochester Grizzlies