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2017 Season Notes:2016-banner

  • The Charleston and Cape Town franchises have been removed for the 2017 season for 2016 inactivity; their slots will be filled and divisions will be realigned if neccessary
  • League Records PageUPDATED
  • League Rules PageUPDATED
    • New Rule concerning determining the draft order for new franchises
    • No Other Rules Changes
  • 2016 Season Review – PENDING
  • 2017 Open Franchises – PENDING (2 so far)
  • Divisional Realignment – PENDING NEW FRANCHISES
  • Draft Order: POSTED

Per League Rules, Draft Order determined by descending order of 2016 regular season point totals.

Confirmed Returning for 2017:

  1. New Orleans VooDoo
  2. Chicago Red Stars

New Franchises Issued to: