FFAA League Rules

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League Rules


NOTE: All League Rules Updates appear in RED text

I     General

  • These will serve to be the official rules for AF’s Fantasy Football Addicts Anonymous
  • For anything not covered in these rules, please refer to the League Settings page at League website (http//ffaa.league.fantasy.nfl.com)
  • All arbitration of League Rules to be arbitrated solely by League Manager (LM)
  • Should any unforeseen event arise not covered explicitly in the rules, LM will exercise final judgment
  • Any LM decision that involves LM’s team will cause LM’s team to be removed from Championship eligibility

II     FormatFFAA Logo

  • 10 teams; No Divisions; Redraft


III     Optional Entry/Payout

  • Beginning in the 2017 Season, Fantasy Addicts will launch an “Optional Entry/Payout System”
  • The Entry Fee will be $35.00(US) per team for teams that wish to participate, must be paid in full before the League Draft
  • The Payout will be the sum total of the Entry Pot – WINNER TAKE ALL 
  • The Prize Money can only be won by a team that opted in with a paid entry fee
  • The Prize money will be awarded to the team with the highest Regular Season points total of all teams that participated
  • “Highest Regular Season points total will be defined as follows:
    • Total accumulated points total from Weeks 1-13, after all stat corrections have been issued for Week 13; if total Regular Season points are tied, Total Season Points Tiebreaker (see below) will apply
  •  Entry fees and payouts will be handled through LeagueSafe.com
  • If interested in participating, contact League Manager

IV     Scoring

V     Rosters

  • Custom:
  • 1 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE FLEX, 1 K, 1 TEAM DEF/SP TEAMS, 3 DL, 3 LB, 4 DB, 1 IDP FLEX, 10 BENCH

VI     Free Agency

  • Free Agency system (Open, Open/Locks @ Gametime, Revolving Waivers, Resetting Waivers, or WAB) will be chosen each year for the coming season by league poll(s)

VII     Draft

  • Draft held live online, annually on the Wednesday night immediately preceding Opening Thursday, at 10:00pm EDT
  • The 2018 Draft will be live online on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 10:00pm EDT
  • Draft will be serpentine style, 32 rounds in length
  • 90 seconds are allotted for each pick
  • Draft order is randomly generated by draft client 30 minutes before start of draft

VIII     Schedule

  • Regular season will be weeks 1-13
  • League will play a single round robin schedule in weeks 1-9 in which every team will play every other team once
  • In weeks 10-13 will teams will be matched by ladder scheduling
  • Teams will be matched based on league standings in a week to week schedule
  • Each week (10-13), Team #1 will play #2; #3 vs #4; #5 vs #6; #7 vs #8; and #9 vs #10
  • Match-ups will be paired on Tuesday each week (weeks 10-13) based on that week’s standings
  • If total season kicking points is tied, next tiebreaker is coin flip

IX    Playoffs

  • Playoffs will be weeks 14-17
  • 5 teams will receive playoff spots and will be seeded as follows:
    • #1 Seed – Regular season champion/Ladder Champion (defined as the #1 team by standings at the conclusion of week 13)
    • #2 Seed – Team with the highest total season points through Week 13 of the remaining 9 teams
    • #3 Seed –  Highest ranked team – by standings – of the remaining 8 teams
    • #4 Seed – Highest ranked team – by standings – of the remaining 7 teams
    • #5 Seed – Team with most toal season points of the remaining 6 teams.
  • In Week 14, the #1, #2, and #3 seeds will receive a First Round BYE
  • The Wild Card Game will be in Week 14, featuring a head to head match-up of the #4 and #5 seeded teams
  • The Winner of the Wild Card Match will advance to Week 15
  • IF the #1 Seed (Ladder Champion) is ALSO the Regular Season points leader (tiebreakers apply, if necessary), they will have the option to choose their Week 15 opponent (#2 Seed, #3 Seed, or Wild Card winner)
  • If the #1 Seed is not the Regular Season points leader OR if they choose to not exercise their option, THEN the Wild Card winner will play the #1 seed in Week 15, and the #2 and #3 seeds will play each other in Week 15
  • The Winners of the two Week 15 matches will face each other in the Championship Round
  • The Championship Round will be a two week, cumulative points match in Weeks 16 and 17
  • For the purposes of seeding, if standings are tied, SEE TIEBREAKERS
  • For the purposes of seeding, if total season points are tied, SEE TIEBREAKERS

X     Tiebreakers

  • Individual Match-ups are allowed to end in ties, except in the case of the Playoffs (Weeks 14-17) (see below)
  • Order of tiebreakers for standings’ ties (for the purposes of playoff seeding) is as follows:
  1. Total season points
  2. Head-to-head record
  3. Head-to-head cumulative points
  4. Total FLEX position points in head-to-head matches
  5. Total FLEX position points in Weeks 1-13
  6. Total kicking points in head-to-head matches
  7. Total kicking points in Weeks 1-13
  8. Total TEAM DEF points in head-to-head matches
  9. Total TEAM DEF points in Weeks 1-13
  10. Coin Flip
  • Order of tiebreakers for total season points ties (for the purposes of playoff seeding and for Optional Entry/Payout Contest) is as follows:
  1. Total head-to-head points between the teams that are tied (if two teams are tied) – if more than two teams are tied, move to tiebreaker 2
  2. Highest Week 1 score – if the highest Week 1 score among tied teams is a tie between two or more of the tied teams, tiebreaker proceeds to Week 2, then Week 3, and so on until one team has a clear cut high score to break the total season points tie
  • Order of tiebreakers for the individual games of the Playoffs are as follows:
  1. FLEX position points
  2. Kicker position points
  3. TEAM DEF position points
  4. Total, combined RB position points (does not include RBs starting at FLEX)
  5. QB position points
  6. Total, combined TE position points (does not include TEs starting at FLEX)
  7. Total, combined WR position points (does not include WRs starting at FLEX)
  8. Team with highest total number of receptions among starting WRs (includes WRs starting at FLEX)
  9. Team with highest total number of TDs among starting RBs (includes RBs starting at FLEX)
  10. Team with highest total, combined passing yards at QB position
  11. Team with longest successful Field Goal attempt among starting kickers
  12. Team with highest total, combined sacks at starting TEAM DEF position
  13. Coin flip