What is Associated Fantasy?

I first became aware of the existance of fantasy football sometime around 2003.  I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of.  But by 2007, my curiosity had grown and I joined a local bar league.  I lost miserably,  making all the stereotypical rookie mistakes.  But the next season, I was in 2 leagues.
Over the next few seasons I played in bar and work leagues, and each season I enjoyed it more. In 2010, I joined a work league that used nfl.com as their hosting site. For the first time, I discovered you could play ff online with total strangers. I was hooked at once, and maxed out my nfl account.  Over the next two seasons I learned that there tons and tons of bad leagues out there, filled with ridiculous settings; lazy, boring league managers; and absentee players.
I also discovered that ff wasnt limited to just the basic framework of the game as I had learned, there was a whole world out there of different formats.  So I began running my own leagues, with unique formats, and competetive sensible settings, weeding out the casual players.  Its evolved into a group of competitive, active leagues with a growing community of returning players, many playing in more than 1 of the leagues.  Associated Fantasy is the place to play ff if you’re tired of online leagues with bad settings and revolving doors.

Why play Associated Fantasy?

Because Associated Fantasy Leagues are just like any other online ff league….except we have better settings….and better formats……and better participation and better competition and better rivalries and – most importantly – better players….for an overall better experience.  And hey, we have this nifty website, too.

Is Associated Fantasy a fantasy football hosting site?

Associated Fantasy is an association of fantasy leagues, not a hosting site.  AF leagues and tournaments are hosted on various fantasy football hosting sites, so you will have to register with whichever site the league you join is hosted on.  Currently, NFL.com is the most common hosting site being used by AF leagues and tournaments.

Is it Free to play?

It depends.  Associated Fantasy runs both Free and Money leagues and tournaments.  Just check the home page of the league or tournament you’re interested in for details.  Money leagues and tournaments run by AF have a specified Entry Fee and a designated Pay Out with the total of all Entry Fees being disbursed in prize money.  Otherwise, there is no registration or membership fee for Associated Fantasy.

How do I play in an Associated Fantasy league?

Take a look around and find a league you find interesting (new players can only play in one league their first season).  Go to the “League Registery” tab (here) To either get more information or to join the league.  You can also use this email tool to get onto a waiting list for leagues or tournaments with no current openings.

Do I have to register or join Associated Fantasy to play in a league or tournament?

No, but you will need to register with the hosting site for the particular league you join.  Currently, NFL.com is the most common hosting site being used by AF Leagues and Tournaments.  You can, however, register with AF as an Associated Fantasy Registered Coach by going to the Coach’s Registry (here). It’s free and only takes a few minutes, and registering as an AF Coach, while not required, certainly has its benefits.

If I don’t have to register with Associated Fantasy to join an AF League, why should I bother registering as a Coach?

If you play in AF Leagues or Tournaments, it’s not required that you register as a coach, but there are huge benefits to doing so.  First, by registering, you lock up your AF Coach’s name so that nobody else will ever be able to use the name you choose.  Also, registering as an AF Coach allows you to register each of your teams in the Teams’ Registry which will lock up their teamnames and logos as well.  Registered AF Coaches get first option when league and tournament openings become available, and they get bumped up the waiting lists to get into AF leagues; the Association also has plans for exclusive leagues and tournaments open only to registered coaches.  AF Registered Coaches also will appear in the AF Coach’s Registry where all registered coaches will be ranked by their lifetime AF win percentage.  So what are you waiting for?  It’s free and only takes a few minutes; go to the AF Coach’s Registry page, and register as an AF Coach today.

What about Registering my Team?

There is no requirement to register your team to play in an AF League or Tournament, BUT if your team is registered, it locks your teamname and logo so that other teams cannot use them, and it qualifies the team for placement on the AF Team Register which will rank all Associated Fantasy teams by their lifetime win percentage and allow everyone to see how your team stacks up against your peers’ teams.  You must be a registered AF Coach in order to register your team, so take care of that first, by filling out the Coach’s Registry, then go to the Team Registry, it only takes a few minutes and it’s free.

What’s the difference between an AF League and an AF Tournament?

An Associated Fantasy League, is just like any other ff league (except more exciting, we think) – teams join and play together through multiple seasons with very little turn-over of teams.  Associated Fantasy Tournaments, on the other hand, are just that – tournaments.  They are designed to have a whole new group of teams competing under the format from season to season.  Some AF Tournaments have entry restrictions, and even those that allow a team to compete in back-to-back seasons require the teams to re-register each year.

If the League or Tournament I want to join doesn’t have any open slots, can I get on a waiting list?

Absolutely!  We love getting Coaches onto league and Tournament waiting lists because it insures that when spots become open, they’re filled by a team that’s excited enough to be a good participant.  In fact, more often than not, open slots in our Leagues and Tournaments are filled in just this way.

Is there a limit to how many leagues I can join?

If you are a first time participant in an Associated Fantasy League, you are limited to joining only one league in your first season, but beginning in your second season playing with us, you’re free to join as many AF leagues as you would like.  Part of what makes playing in Associated Fantasy leagues so much fun, is that you will encounter many of the same players in multiple leagues, giving coaches the chance to develop rivalries that cross league bounderies.

There are no limits to the number of AF Tournaments you can join, even as a first year player. So, while you can join only 1 league in your first year playing with AF, you can also join any or multiple tournaments in your first year, either instead of or in addition to a league.  Joining a tournament instead of a league, still counts as your required ‘first year’ so that the following season, you will have no restrictions.

Can my fantasy league become an AF league?

Currently, no.  However, there are plans in the future to make this possible



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