WFL League Rules


World Fantasy League

League Rules



NOTE: 2016 Rules changes appear in RED text


I    Format

  • 12 Teams; 2 Divisions; Dynasty

II    Scoring

III    Rosters

IV    Free Agency

  • Revolving Waivers – Move to last after successful claim
  • 2 day waivers
  • Players lock at game time

V    Draft

       2015 Draft

  1. The 2015 draft will be the inaugural draft of WFL Dynasty format
  2. Draft will be conducted by email draft between the 1st and 4th week of NFL Preseason
  3. Draft order will be determined by inverse order of teams’ lifetime win percentage
  4. Draft will be serpentine style, 16 rounds in length

B    2016 and Subsequent Draft

  1. Beginning with the 2016 season, prior to the draft, teams will select their 6 keepers from their previous year rosters (see “KEEPERS”)
  2. Draft order will be determined by inverse order of previous season’s standings (NFL formula for post season standings and tiebreakers)
  3. Draft will be linear (1-12, 1-12, 1-12), 10 rounds in length
  4. Beginning with the draft that starts the 2018 season, the draft will drop to 9 rounds in length to accommodate the addition of 1 additional Keeper Player (see Section VI Keepers)

C    Trading

  1. There will be two seperate trading periods, In-Season Trading and Pre-Season Trading in which players AND draft picks may be traded
  2. In-Season Trading
    1.  (Players) trading of players may be conducted through normal hosting site protocals at any point between the conclusion of the draft and the trade deadline (TBD and posted each season in the “settings” section of the League Home Page); any player, (including Keeper Players and players on the Reserve list) may be involved in the trade.  If a Keeper Player is traded, they lose their Keeper status, meaning they are then eligible to be dropped by the acquiring team; a player traded in exchange for a Keeper Player DOES NOT become a Keeper Player on the acquiring team, meaning they are also elligible to be dropped; any player involved in a trade is elligible to be named a Keeper by the receiving team in the FOLLOWING year.  There is no restriction on re-trading a player acquired through trade.
    2. (Draft Picks) trading of draft picks may be conducted through commissioner action when both trading partners contact the commissioner by email, AND BOTH trading partners announce the pending trade on the league message board.  Commissioner will then perform the transaction and post a confirmation of the trade onto the message board; trade will be performed and concluded immediately upon all conditions being met (emailing and posting).
    3.  Any player(s) and/or draft picks may be combined into these transactions.  See below for any restrictions.
  3. Pre-Season Trading
    1.  The period of Pre-Season trading will be conducted at any point between July 1 and 72 hours prior to the Keeper Lock-In Date (see “Keepers”).
    2.  Any player(s) on a team’s prior season roster OR any round(s) draft pick in the upcoming OR following season draft OR any combination thereof may be traded during Pre-Season Trading
    3.  The process for conducting a Pre-Season Trade is as follows:
      1. Terms of the trade, including player(s) and/or draft picks involved must be emailed to commissioner by BOTH TRADING PARTNERS
      2. Once the above conditions have been met, Commissioner will email and post confirmation of the pending trade and will also issue a League-wide email to announce the trade.
      3. Once the League email is posted, trade will have a 48 hour window in which any other team may offer a counter-offer to either party in the transaction.  Either party may quash the trade to accept an offered counter, but MAY NOT back out of the trade otherwise once the trade has been announced and the 48 hour countdown has begun.
      4. An accepted counter-offer to a trade will involve the same process as the original trade:  terms must be emailed and posted; commissioner will post confirmation and issue an emailed notice to the league, and a new 48 hour countdown will begin during which the counter-offer may also be countered by any team.
      5. If a counter-offer to a trade causes a 48 hour countdown to carry over into the 72 hour period before the Keeper Lock-In Date, trade (and countdown) will proceed, BUT the 48 hour time limit for counter-offers to be made MAY be shortened at commissioner’s discrestion.
  4. Notes on Trading Players
    1. Rosters Must Remain Legal through all trading, meaning that rosters may not exceed the League roster size (number of players)
    2. Lopsided trading (2 players for 1, 1 player for draft pick, etc) IS allowed, however, teams CANNOT exceed total allowed roster size either In-Season or Pre-Season
    3. If lopsided trading causes a team to exceed the roster limit in an In-Season trade, the team exceeding the limit must either drop a player from their roster or place a player on Reserve status
    4. If lopsided trading causes a team to exceed the roster limit in a Pre-Season (off season) trade, the team exceeding the limit must announce AT THE TIME OF THE TRANSACTION which player from their prior season roster they intend to ‘drop’.  This will cause that player to be unavailable to be named a Keeper
  5. Notes on Trading Draft Picks
    1. Whether performed as part of a Pre-Season Trade or an In-Season Trade, the trading of draft picks will conform to the following parameters:
      1. Trades DO NOT neccessarily have to involve players, but may involve any combination of player(s) and eligible draft pick(s)
      2. ONLY DRAFT PICKS IN THE CURRENT OR FOLLOWING SEASON may be traded; if the current season’s draft has already passed that means that only the following season’s picks may be traded
      3. Traded Draft picks may involve picks from any round of the draft
      4. All teams will always have the same total number of picks in any given draft, therefore, any team that acquires a draft pick (or picks) through trade will forfeit an equal number of picks from the final round(s) of the draft in which the acquired picks are a part of, AND any team that trades away a draft pick will acquire a supplemental pick AFTER the final round of the draft in which their pick was traded away.  Whenever multiple picks are traded by a team (or teams) within the same draft, supplemental picks will be awarded in the overall order of the original picks that were traded away

VI     Keepers

  1. Teams will select 6 keepers annually for the following positions:
    1. QB – 1
    2. RB – 1
    3. WR – 1
    4. RB/WR/TE FLEX – 2
    5. TEAM DEF – 1
  2. Every off-season beginning with the 2016 off-season teams will select their keeper players from the previous end-of-season roster OR from any player acquired by trade during the Pre-Season Trading Period (see “Trading”)
  3. The deadline for naming Keepers for the upcoming season – Keeper Lock-In Date – will be 72 hours prior to the start of the draft
  4. (The rule requiring Keeper Players to be maintained on one’s roster through the remainder of the season has been removed)
  5. Keeper players may be traded
  6. Keeper players may be placed on Reserve
  7. In the following off-season, when keeper players are selected, teams may either keep or change any of their 6 keepers for the following season
  8. Teams may keep fewer than their allotted 6 keepers if they choose, and will be compensated with an additional draft pick after the final round of the draft is complete.  If multiple teams opt to keep fewer than their allotted number of Keeper Players, compensatory draft picks will be awarded according to the draft order.  If teams have multiple keeper positions to fill, the compensatory picks will come one round at a time, interspersed with the picks of any other teams awarded compensatory picks.
  9. Beginning in the 2017/18 off season, a 7th keeper position will be added.  This position will be QB2/K.  To accommodate the additional Keeper Player, the subsequent draft will be shortened by one round.

VII    Schedule

  1. Regular season will be weeks 1-13
  2. League will play a single round robin schedule in weeks 1-11 in which every team will play every other team once
  3. For weeks 12 and 13, teams will be ranked 1-6 in each conference, based on previous season’s regular season conference standings. (any team in it’s first year will take the ranking generated by the team whose slot the new team fills)
  4. Based on those rankings, in weeks 12 and 13, teams will be matched as follows:
  5. #1’s vs #6’s
  6. #2’s vs #5’s
  7. #3’s vs #4’s

VIII    Tiebreakers

  1. Individual Match-ups are allowed to end in ties
  2. Standings tiebreaker is total season points
  3. If total season points is tied, next tiebreaker is head to head record
  4. If head to head record is tied, next tiebreaker is total head to head points
  5. If total head to head points is tied, next tiebreaker is coin flip

IX    Playoffs

  1. Playoffs will be Weeks 14-16 with 6 teams
  2. The top 2 teams by standings in each Conference will receive a first round bye for Week 14
  3. The second place teams in each Conference will make the playoffs; and 1 Wildcard slot from each Conference will be filled by the remaining team with the highest total season points
  4. The Second Place teams will play the Wildcard team from their Conference in Week 14
  5. The Winners of Week 14 will play their Conference Number Ones in week 15
  6. The winners of the Conference Championships will play in the World Bowl in Week 16

X    Not Covered

  1. For anything not covered in these rules, please refer to the League Settings page
  2. Should an unforeseen event arise, not covered in the rules, LM will excercise final judgment
  3. Any LM decision that involves LM’s team will cause LM’s team to be removed from playoff eligibility