Suicide Squad PRL League Rules

Suicide Squad

Tournament Rules


NOTE: Rule changes new for 2018 appear in RED TEXT

I     General

A.   These will serve to be the official rules for Suicide Squad – Points Rasce Tournament (SS-PRT)

B.   For anything not covered in these rules, please refer to the League Settings page at League website;  League will be hosted on

C.   All arbitration of League Rules to be arbitrated solely by Tournament Coordinator (TC)

D.   TC may maintain their own team in the tournament, OR may be listed as a “Co-Owner” of a team, in the event TC is listed as a “Co-Owner” it will only be for the purposes of running the tournament and TC will have no actual control over the team they are Co-Owner of

E.   Should any unforeseen event arise not covered explicitly in the rules, TC will exercise final judgment

1.    Any TC judgment made outside of specified rules that involves TC’s team will cause TC’s team to be removed from Championship eligibility

2.   This rule applies ONLY if TC is a team owner.  If TC is a Co-Owner, that team will not be effected by this rule

F.   Tournament rules are subject to adjustment before entry fees have been paid, and will be marked ‘LOCKED’ once any changes are final

G.   If, for any reason, there is a discrepensy between rules listed in these rules and settings listed on the League Settings page of the host site, settings page will supercede

II     Format

A.   12 Team Total Points Competition

III     Fees/Payout

A.   Entry fee for SS-PRT will be $25.00 (US) per team

B.   Payout will be $150.00 (US) for Tournament Champion (1st place); $100.00 (US) for Tournament Runner-up (2nd place), and $50.00(US) for 3rd place (see Section VII Schedule/Playoffs)

C.   Entries and payouts will be handled through

D.   TC will set deadline for payment of entry fee once all participants have accepted their Pro Bowl Invitation

E.  Prize money will not be disbursed until the Friday following Week 17 of the NFL Regular Season

IV     Scoring

A.   Offense: AF Arena

B.   Defense: AF Nickel

V     Rosters

A.   AF Arena *-modified

  • 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 RB/WR/TE FLEX, 1 K
    • *no designated TE position is used as in traditional AF Arena Roster sets
  • 1 Team Def/Sp Teams
  • Bench: 16

B.   No positional minimum/maximums used

VI    Draft

A.   Draft held live online, annually on the Tuesday immediately prior to the NFL’s Opening Thursday Game, @ 10:00pm EDT

1.   The 2018 Draft will be live online on Tuesday, September 4, 2017 at 10:00pm EDT

2.   Draft will be serpentine style, 26 rounds in length

3.   90 seconds are allotted for each pick

4.   Draft order will be determined randomly by draft client 30 minutes prior to start of the draft

VII     Free Agency/Trades/Cuts

A.   Free Agency

1.   Free Agency is open from the Tuesday following Week 1 through to the end of season with Waivers in effect

B.   Waivers

1.   Waiver order will be reset weekly to inverse order of total points

2.   Waiver period is 2 days

C.   Required Cuts

1.   All teams are required to cut or drop a minimum of one player per week beginning after Week 1 and continuing through to the period between Weeks 16 and 17 (16 total drops)

2.   Regardless of any Add/Drop Free Agency or Waiver Wire moves, teams must shrink their overall roster by 1 player weekly

3.   Teams are free to add any player that has been cut by another team as part of the Weekly Required Cuts 

4.   There are no positional requirement for which players may be dropped as part of the Weekly Requirted Cuts

5.   Players dropped for the Weekly Required Cuts may be dropped any time between midnight on Monday of each week and noon on the Thursday

6.   Any team that has not made the required player cut by noon on Thursday of each week, will have one player cut from their roster by LM.  In that event, the player on the team’s roster with the to date lowest amount of fantasy points will be the player cut; if there is a tie for lowest season fantasy points, the cut will be alphabetical between those players

D.   Trades

1.   Trading is not allowed in the Tournament

VIII     Schedule/Playoffs

A.   SS-PRL is a total points tournament and uses no schedule or W-L standings

B.   Standings are determined by total points scored through the season (Weeks 1-17)

C.   The SS-PRL uses no playoffs or Championship Game

D.   Total season points tabulated in Weeks 1-17 will determine the League Champion, Runner-Up, and 3rd Place Team after the conclusion of Week 17

1.   Team with the highest total season points through Week 17 will be declared League Champion and win the $150 first place prize

2.   Team with the second highest total season points through Week 17 will be declared League Runner-Up and win the $100 second place prize

3.   Team with the third highest total season points through Week 17 will be declared Third Place Team and win the $50 third place prize

4.   In the event of a tie of total season points after week 17, see TIEBREAKERS

IX     Tiebreakers

A.   There are no head-to-head matches in the SS-PRL so there are no head-to-head match-up or standings ties or tiebreakers

B.   Should two or more teams (1st -4th place) have an exact tie of their total points after the conclusion of Week 17, the tiebreaker for the purposes of determining the League Champion, Runner-Up, and Third Place Team will be the week 17’s total points

1.   If week 17’s total points between tied teams is tied as well, tiebreaker will continue backwards until there’s a higher score

2.   If teams (1st-4th) are tied for total season points and have tied in every single game over 17 weeks, prize money will be split between them

X     Special Rule

A.     Participation in tournament is limited to one entry per household/IP address

B.     After all tournament slots are filled but before draft order has been established, will be contacted to verify that all participants registered with tournament are originating from different IP addresses to verify that no participant is registered with multiple teams

C.     Multiple teams originating from the same IP address will result in immediate expulsion of all teams involved

D.     It is recommended, that before the draft, each individual team verify for themselves that all teams are from different IP addresses; this can be done through the contact NFL tool (found in the FAQs), simply send an email, include league ID number, and ask NFL to verify that no teams in the league originate from the same IP address