PR-O Tournament Rules


Points Race – Open (PR-O)

Tournament Rules

I     General

  • These will serve to be the official rules for AF’s Points Race – Open (PR-O) Tournament
  • For anything not covered in these rules, please refer to the League Settings page at League website (http//
  • All arbitration of League Rules to be arbitrated solely by Tournament Coordinator (TC)
  • Should any unforeseen event arise not covered explicitly in the rules, TC will exercise final judgment
  • Any TC decision that involves TC’s team will cause TC’s team to be removed from Championship eligibility

II     Format

  • 12 Teams; Total Points Race; Elimination
  • The PR-O is an “Open” Entry Tournament
  • All slots filled on a first apply – first entry basis
  • Teams may enter in back to back seasons, but must re-enter each year

III     Scoring

IV     RostersPR-O logo

  • PR-O will start season (at draft) with AF Standard roster settings
  • No bench slots will be drafted
  • 1 bench slot per week will be added in Weeks 1-6
  • 1 Starting position will be added to rosters each week in Weeks 7-17 by the following schedule:
  • Week 7 – RB/WR/TE FLEX 2
  • Week 8 – TE 2
  • Week 9 – WR 4
  • Week 10 – RB 3
  • Week 11 – QB 2
  • Week 12 – K 2
  • Week 13 – TEAM DEF 2
  • Week 14 – QB 3
  • Week 15 – RB/WR/TE FLEX 3
  • Week 16 – RB/WR/TE FLEX 4
  • Week 17 – RB/WR/TE FLEX 5

V     Free Agency

  • Weeks 1-3 there will be Open Free Agency – players lock at game time
  • Weeks 4-17 Waivers will reset to inverse order of total points every Tuesday morning
  • Week 4-17 Waivers will be set to 1 day
  • NOTE: there are no trades allowed in the PR-O

VI     Draft

  • The Tournament draft is conducted annually on the final Saturday of preseason at 1:00pm EDT
  • The 2015 Draft will be live online on Saturday, September 3, 2016 at 1:00 pm EDT
  • Draft will be serpentine style, 10 rounds in length
  • 120 seconds are allotted for each pick
  • Draft order is determined at random by draft client 30 minutes prior to start of draft

VII     Schedule

  • The PR-O uses no schedule or W-L standings
  • PR-O is a total points tournament only
  • Standings are determined by total points scored through the season (Weeks 1-17)


VIII    Eliminations and Championship

  • Beginning on the Tuesday morning of Week 7, and continuing weekly through to the Tuesday morning of Week 16, the last place team (by total points) will be eliminated
  • The players rostered on the teams that are eliminated each week will be placed onto Waivers for all other teams to claim through the waiver proccess
  • When the last place team is eliminated on the Tuesday morning that begins Week 16, there will be two teams remaining in the tournament. These two teams will play through weeks 16 and 17
  • At the conclusion of Week 17, the team with the highest total season points will be named Tournament Champion
  • PR-O Champion will receive automatic entry to the following season’s Points Race – Invitational

X     Points Ties and Tiebreakers

  • There are no head-to-head matches in the PR-O so there are no head-to-head match-up or standings ties or tiebreakers
  • Should two or more teams have an exact (to the decimal) tie of their total points in any given week, the tiebreaker for the purposes of determining the teams’ waiver priority (inverse order of total points) will be the previous weeks total points
  • If previous weeks’ total points between the teams is tied, tiebreaker will continue backwards until a higher waiver priority is produced
  • For the purposes of the last place teams and eliminations, to contend with the possibility of score corrections (via stat corrections), any time the season points total of the last and second to last place teams are within 10 points of each other, it will be considered to be a statistical tie
  • In the event of a statistical tie, no team will be eliminated that week, however the TWO last place teams will be eliminated on the following week
  • In the event that the last surviving two teams, end week 17 with identical (to the decimal point) season score totals (after stat corrections), The two teams Week 17 total points will be used as the tiebreaker, and if their week 17 total points are also tied, the tiebreaker will continue backwards through the weeks until a Champion is produced.