2017 Tournaments


AF TOURNAMENTS – The Association announced this week that the AF Tournament Division would be shut down for the 2017 season and placed on a 1 year hiatus.  The reason given was a lack of resources – namely time- to run the annual slate of tournaments to AF standards.

Sometimes mistakenly viewed as interchangeable, the difference between AF Leagues and Tournaments is is an important one.  An Associated Fantasy League, like any other FF league, is one in which teams join and play together through multiple seasons with very little turn-over of teams.  Associated Fantasy Tournaments, on the other hand, are just that – tournaments.  They are designed to have a whole new group of teams competing under the format from season to season.  Some AF Tournaments are held annually while others come and go from season to season.

Suspending operations of the AF Tournament Division for the 2017 season insures that the Association can present the highest quality of product for league play this year, and then the tournaments will return in 2018, bigger and better than ever.  All 2016 Tournament teams and AF Registered Coaches will have first option on all of the 2018 slate of Tournaments, and AF League teams will get next crack at the open slots that remain before they’re opened to the general public to fill the final open slots.

Below are just some of the AF Tournament offerings to look forward to for the 2018season:

The AF Pro Bowl Tournament– the crown jewel of the Tournament Division, the Pro Bowl will be back with a redesigned format in 2018 where six teams – voted on by their peers – will compete for cash and for the honor of being named the best team in the Association.  Look for your ballots beginning in Week 10 of the 2017 season.


Points Race – OPEN – an annual favorite among AFteams, this points race elimination tournament will return with its drama of weekly eliminations and the free for all of free agency that follows each elimination as the players from the eliminated team hit the waiver wire.


16×16 Knock Out Tournament – Associated Fantasy‘s best of 3 series, knock-out bracket tournament will return to become the AF entry level tournament with 16 teams competing for $400 dollars in cash prizes


Ten/500 – The AF 10/100 Battle Royale Tournamentwill get an upgrade for the 2018 season with a significant rise in the stakes.  With a $50 entry fee, and a winner-take-all $500 payout, ten teams will draft 10 starting FLEX players and no bench to take on the field in a 17 week all vs all schedule


The Corporate Ladder – New for 2018, 12 teams will take their corporate sponsored team and embark on a season of ladder scheduling where teams are matched #1 vs #2, #3 vs #4, etc every week as the standings take shape in a king of the mountain type competition to try to climb to the top of the Corporate Ladder with payouts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


AF’s Quarterback Derby – The QB Derby returns from a lengthy absence with 6 teams drafting teams of just quarterbacks and competing in a total points competition with its very own QB driven scoring system.


AF Pick-‘Em Rodeo – The Associated Fantasy weekly Pick-‘Em competition will be back and open to all AF League and Tournament teams with a free 2019 Tournament entry for the #1 finishing Coach