Dixie League Expansion Draft 2018





Expansion Draft Order:

(as randomized by fftoolbox.com)

  1. Everglades City
  2. Jacksonville
  3. South Carolina


2018 Expansion Draft

  1. Everglades City – Antonio Brown
  2. Jacksonville – Todd Gurley
  3. South Carolina – Julio Jones
  4. Everglades City – Devonta Freeman
  5. Jacksonville – Tyreek Hill
  6. South Carolina – Carson Wentz
  7. Everglades City – Travis Kelce
  8. Jacksonville – Matt Ryan
  9. South Carolina – T Y Hilton
  10. Everglades City – Keenan Allen
  11. Jacksonville – A J Green
  12. South Carolina – Lamar Miller
  13. Everglades City – Telvin Smith
  14. Jacksonville – Von Miller
  15. South Carolina – Jadaveon Clowney
  16. Everglades City – Tyran Mathieu
  17. Jacksonville – Jack Doyle
  18. South Carolina – Mark Barron
  19. Everglades City – Demarcus Lawrence
  20. Jacksonville – Kenny Vaccaro
  21. South Carolina – Adrian Amos
  22. Everglades City – Justin Tucker
  23. Jacksonville – Aaron Donald
  24. South Carolina – Ryan Succup
  25. Everglades City – Aaron Rodgers
  26. Jacksonville – Harrison Butker
  27. South Carolina – Vernon Davis


Supplemental Picks:

(Supplemental Picks will be made by expansion teams once expansion pool is exhausted of options by position requirements and by returning teams that need to replace Keepers because of positional requirements.  Player pool for Supplemental Picks will be Team’s own 2017 roster, Expansion Pool and/or 2017 end of season free agents.)

  1. Travis Kelce – San Angelo – Jared Cook
  2. T Y Hilton – Austin – Stefan Diggs
  3. Keenan Allen – New Orleans – Larry Fitzgerald
  4. Tyran Mathieu – Andalusia – Glover Quin
  5. Kenny Vaccaro – New Orleans – Von Bell


APPENDIX: A – Rules governing 2018 Expansion Draft

A.     Two expansion teams will be added for the 2018 season to replace Hinesville Warrior and Orlando Crush

1.   Hinesville’s and Orlando’s 2017 rosters will be placed into the player pool for the 2018 Auction Draft

B.     Prior to the 2018 auction draft, a 9 round expansion draft will be held for the two expansion teams to acquire their 9 keepers 

1.   Expansion Draft will be held AFTER the League’s Keeper Lock Date (see Section VI.C.1-3)

C.     Each returning team will provide a list of 5 players from their 2017 rosters for the Expansion Draft Player Pool

1.   Teams that fail to name the requisite players to the Draft Pool 24 hours prior to the expansion draft, will have those players named by the league based on the list criteria applied to their rostered players with the lowest 2017 scoring totals

D.     The list of 5 players provided by each team must fit the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 1 RB 
  • Minimum of 1 WR
  • Minimum of 0 and maximum of 1 QB
  • Minimum of 0 and maximum of 1 TE
  • Minimum of 0 and maximum of 1 K
  • Minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 defensive players
    • no more than 1 Keeper can be a defensive player

E.     Draft

1.   Expansion Draft will be conducted by email

2.   Expansion teams’ draft order will be randomized and they will alternate picks from the Expansion Draft Player Pool

3.   Expansion teams’ picks, by position, must fill out 1 complete starting roster and will serve as their keepers going into the 2018 Auction Draft

4.   After each player is selected, the team owning that player will be allowed to remove one of their other players from the Player Pool

a.   Teams may choose not to excerciase that right

5.   Alternating picks will continue for 9 rounds OR until there are no remaining players for each expansion team to draft one complete set of 9 keepers (1 complete starting roster) because of positional limitations

a.   if a full complement of 9 players (full starting line-up) cannot be acheived by 1 or both expansion teams because necessary positions have been exhausted from the Expansion Draft Player Pool, those postions will be filled with a Supplemental Pick(s)

F.     Supplemental Picks

1.   Returning teams whose Keeper Players were not selected from the Player Pool must retain those Keeper Players

2.   Returning teams who lose a Keeper Player(s) through the Expansion Draft will have the choice to replace the player(s) either from their remaining, unpicked, non-keeper 2017 roster OR  by Supplemental Pick(s)

3.   Expansion teams who cannot fill out the required 9 keepers (by position) because of position shortage in the pool of players, will be given a Supplemental Pick(s) to fill out those keeper Slots

4.   Supplemental Pick order will be randomized by the draft order generator at fftoolbox.com

5.   Supplemental Picks will be chosen from 2017 end of season free agents or from the expansion player pool