League Rules


The Super 16

League Rules

Rule Changes from previous season appear in RED text

I     General

  • These will serve to be the official rules for AF’s Super 16 (S16)
  • For anything not covered in these rules, please refer to the League Settings page at League website (http//supersixteen.league.fantasy.nfl.com)
  • All arbitration of League Rules to be arbitrated solely by League Manager (LM)
  • Should any unforeseen event arise not covered explicitly in the rules, LM will exercise final judgment
  • Any LM decision that involves LM’s team will cause LM’s team to be removed from Championship eligibility

II     Format

  • 16 Teams; 4 Divisions; Hometeam Dynasty/Redraft
  • Teams in the S16 all represent an actual NFL team, that is their “Hometeam”
  • A team is allowed to designate keepers from their NFL Hometeam (see Keepers)
  • Teams must use a team name and logo that clearly represents which NFL team is their Hometeam

III     Scoring

IV     Rosters

  • AF Formations
  • AF Team DEF/SP
  • AF IDP 6 + 1 IDP FLEX
  • Position MaximumsS16 logo 2015
    • QB – max 2
    • K – max 2
    • TEAM DEF – max 2

V     Free Agency

  • Revolving Waivers – Move to last after successful claim
  • 2 day waivers
  • Players lock at game time

VI     Draft

  • Draft held annually on the 3rd Sunday of Preseason @ 11:00am EDT
  • 2015 draft will be held Sunday August 30, @ 11:00am EDT
  • Draft will be serpentine style, 14 rounds in length
  • Draft order determined by inverse order of previous season standings (NFL formula)
  • Draft picks 1-10 will correspond to the 16th-7th place regular season standings
  • Draft picks 11-16 will be allotted to the previous season’s playoff teams:
    • 16th pick will be the S Bowl Champion
    • 15th pick will be the S Bowl loser
    • 14th pick will be the higher seeded loser of Playoff Round 2
    • 13th pick will be the lower seeded loser of Playoff Round 2
    • 12th pick will be the higher seeded loser of Playoff round 1
    • 11th pick will be the lower seeded loser of Playoff Round 1

***VII     Keepers

  1. Prior to the draft, teams will designate keeper players from the rosters of their NFL Hometeams to be their keepers for the upcoming system
    1. Players may be of any position (including Team Defense)(position maximums are in effect)
    2. Players need not have been on the S16 team’s roster the previous season
    3. Teams must designate who from their NFL counterpart they wish to use as their designated keeper players by message board post no later than the Keeper Lock Date (see BELOW) 
  1. Beginning with the 2017 season, there is no longer either a minimum or a maximum number of designated hometeam keeper players a team may select
    1. Teams are free to select ANY number of players from their designated hometeam from 0-25 (25 being the maximum roster size) with no requirements or stipulations on player positions other than the position maximums which are in effect (and that the designated players must be on the team’s NFL counterpart)
    2. League keeper settings on the host site will be altered accordingly by the LM to allow for the manual placement of keepers based on the needs of all teams on a season by season basis (in other words, once all teams have designated their desired hometeam keepers, LM will adjust settings to the number of keepers designated by the team(s) keeping the most hometeam players)
    3. Teams keeping fewer hometeam keepers than other teams, will fill out the remainder of their roster through the draft.  ‘Extra’ picks are piled onto the end of the draft and continue in draft order
      1. The draft board will be adjusted so that teams with more draft picks than other teams (because of fewer keepers) will have the extra picks on the back end of their draft; no team will get extra, early picks because of keeping fewer keepers
      2. Regardless of how many hometeam keepers any/all teams designate, all teams will each receive 1 pick, in draft order, each round, from the start of the draft until their roster is full.  At that point, that team’s draft is complete, while teams that designated fewer keepers continue drafting, in turn, until their own roster is full
  2. A Keeper Lock Date will now be placed into use and will be Midnight of the Friday immediately preceding the draft in order for the LM to have time to insure the draft board is set, locked, and ready for the draft
    1. Should any team not have designated their desired designated hometeam keepers by the time of the Keeper Lock Date, they will automatically be assigned 10 hometeam keepers, determined by the top 10 hometeam players for their franchise as ranked by NFL.com on that date
  3. Post-Draft, teams are not required to keep any of their designated keepers on their roster, nor are they required to keep a set/minimum number of their Hometeam players on their roster. Teams are no longer required to designate as a keeper or to keep their hometeam’s TEAM DEF/SP TEAMS on their roster

VIII     Schedule

  • Regular season will be Weeks 1-13
  • Teams will play a double round robin schedule against other teams in their division (6 games)
  • Teams will play a single round robin against teams from another division, as matched by a rotating schedule (4 games)
    • 2013 Season: North Div plays East Div; South Div plays West Div
    • 2014 Season: North Div plays South Div; East Div play West Div
    • 2015 Season: North Div plays West Div;  East Div plays South Div
    • 2016 Season: North Div plays East Div;  South Div plays West Div
    • and so on
  • Teams will play 2 games against 1 opponent from each of their unmatched divisions – the divisions that are not scheduled for inter-division round robin play for that season (2 games)
  • These matchups will be based on regular season finish from prior season in which teams will play opponents with their same ranking
    • EXAMPLE: In 2016 season, the North Division’s 2015 1st place team will play: other North division teams twice each,  all East Division teams once each, and the 1st place teams from the South and West Divisions
  • If teams do not have a prior season record (new teams) they will assume the prior season ranking of the team they are replacing
  • The 13th game of the regular season will be matched at random – with weight given to rivalries and to SimulPlay opportunities – in order to complete the schedule grid
  • LM will create schedule by creating a 13 week grid and placing scheduled match-ups from the above formula into the grid in the best possible order
  • Consideration will be made for teams’ NFL Hometeam’s BYE week so that teams will either face another BYE week team while they are on their BYE, or play their BYE week within their division (so that the handicap is shared equally when compiling Division Records) inasmuch as it is possible

IX     Playoffs

  • Playoffs will be Weeks 14-16 with eligible teams being the 4 Division Champions and 2 Wildcards
  • Wildcards will be the 2 highest ranking (by League Standings) teams that are not Division Champions (Wildcards may come out of the same division) and will be seeded as #5 and #6 based on standings
  • The top 2 Division Champions by standings will receive a first round bye for Week 14 (#1 and #2 seeds)
  • the 3rd and 4th place Division Champions (#3 and #4 seeds) will be matched vs the Wildcards (#5 and #6 seeds) for Week 14
    • #3 seed will play #6 seed; #4 seed will play #5 seed
  • Winners will advance to Round 2
  • Round 2 of the Playoffs will be in Week 15
    • The #1 seed will be matched vs the lowest seeded winner of Round 1
    • The #2 seed will be matched against the highest seeded winner of Round 1
  • The winners of Round 2 will meet in the Sixteen Bowl for the League Championship in Week 16

X     Tiebreakers

  • Individual Match-ups are allowed to end in ties, except in the case of the Playoffs (see below)

Order of tiebreakers for standings’ ties is as follows:

  1. Total season points
  2. Head-to-head record
  3. Head-to-head cumulative points
  4. Total kicking points in head-to-head matches
  5. Total kicking points in Weeks 1-13
  6. Total TEAM DEF points in head-to-head matches
  7. Total TEAM DEF points in Weeks 1-13
  8. QB position points in head-to-head matches
  9. Total QB position points in Weeks 1-13
  10. Total FLEX IDP points in head-to-head matches
  11. Total FLEX IDP points in Weeks 1-13
  12. Coin Flip


Order of tiebreakers for the individual games of the Playoffs are as follows:

  1. Total Kicker position points
  2. Total TEAM DEF position points
  3. Total QB position points
  4. Total FLEX IDP position points
  5. Team with longest successful Field Goal attempt by starting kicker
  6. Team with highest total passing yards by QB
  7. Team with highest total sacks by starting TEAM DEF
  8. Team with highest total number of TDs among starters at the 5 offensive FLEX positions
  9. Team with highest total number of sacks at the 6 IDP positions
  10. Team with highest total number of receptions among starters at the 5 offensive FLEX positions
  11. Team with highest total numbers of interceptions among starters at the 6 IDP positions
  12. Coin flip