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The Super 16 kicks off it’s 5th season with a thrilling Game of the Week as the League’s husband/wife rivals face each other in a Week 1 SimulPlay match when the defending North Division Champion Motor City Kitties take on The Indy-structibles, a team with all the talent to take the division by storm. The Indy-structibles are 0-3 all time on opening weekend, while Coach Barb is 1-2; the teams have split in all-time meetings 2-2.  The latest line from Vegas has it extremely close, with Motor City by 4 points.

The Indy-structibles     218.00

Motor City Kitties           193.00

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It may still be September, but this week’s featured contest has a definite playoff atmosphere as two league juggernauts meet in a SimulPlay game.  Birds of Prey and 1 Eye Til I Die combined for 20 total wins last season, finishing the year as the 2nd and 4th highest scoring franchises.  The only other time the two have met was in the 2015 playoff semifinal round in a close game Birds of Prey won 186-162 before going on to win Super Bowl IV.  You can call this a rematch, or even a preview of a likely 2016 playoff match-up, but you won’t be able to call it boring.  Both teams are historically undefeated in Week 2, and coincidentally their scores in last season’s week 2 matches came within just two points of one another at 175.50 and 173.50.  This is football.

1 Eye Til I Die     223.00

Birds of Prey       219.00

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The Week 3 Game of the Week in the Super 16 is a Monday Night Football SimulPlay match between South Division rivals Birds of Prey (1-1) and the Who Dat Saints (1-1).  Falling on the tenth anniversary of the “Rebirth Game”, it also is the first installment of a 2016 message board wager, as the Birds’ Coach Roger boasted he’ll change his team name to the Tweety Birds if new Coach Laurie’s Saints can beat him this season.  The Who Dats are 1-1, averaging 183 points per game coming into the contest, a definite underdog to the Birds’ average of 227 per game.  The Birds of Prey are 4-0 all-time in Week 3 (with a 213 per game point average), and they are 7-1 all-time vs Saints franchises – twice (2-0) in Week 3.   Thkis will be the Leagues first chance to see if the Saints new coach, who’s already beaten powerhouse 1 Eye Til I Die, can turn the Saints franchise into a competitor.  Vegas Spread is 19  going into Thursday Night Football.

Who Dat Saints     231.00

Birds of Prey          218.00

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Week 4 and we have another SimulPlay Game of the Week, this one featuring the #1 and #2 teams in the league in a head-to-head possible playoff preview.  The Los Angeles Super Chargers are the league’s only undefeated team remaining after 3 weeks of play and they have amassed a 545 point total for a 181 point per game average.  But sitting at #2 in the league and coming off an emotional win against League standard bearer Tweety Birds of Prey, the Who Dat Saints are 2-1 with an impressive 199 per game point average.  The Who Dats feature S16 rookie Coach Laurie, but the franchise is 2-2 in Week 4 contests, while Coach Scarlett’s Super Chargers won convincingly by 50 points over The Dawg Pound in Week 4 in her rookie season last year.  To compare match-ups between these two franchises, you’d have to go all the way back to 2012 when the NOLA Bounty Hunters and the Baconator Sundays split their matches 1-1.  The latest line from Vegas has the Super Chargers installed as whopping 47 point favorites, but we all know that has a way of changing, and this should be an exciting, possible play-off preview between first and second ranked teams.

Los Angeles Super Chargers     221.00

Who Dat Saints                              126.50

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the Game of the Week features a SimulPlay West Division match-up between the #1 and #8 teams in the league. The #1 Los Angeles Super Chargers at 4-0, are the only remaining undefeated team in the league, but #8 1 Eye Til I Die (2-2) is averaging about 25 more points per game.

Known simply as “The Tie Game”, the first time these two franchises ever met, in Week 7 of last season, it became the most pivotal game of the season when these two expansion franchises battled each other to a 228.00-228.00 tie. Considering the league starts 14 positions and has decimal scoring, and that both scores survived stat corrections, the odds of a tie are incredibly tiny. The tie was made even more amazing by the fact that the Super Chargers managed to tie the game with a Tony Jefferson interception on the final play of the final game of the week on Monday Night Football. The ripple effect of the tie were far and wide. Mathematically counting as half of a win, it left 1 Eye chasing the Firebirds all season and never able to catch them for the division charger-raidertitle. But it also had an effect on the final ranking – and playoff race – for SF’s Bowmen, Northern ‘Fins, and the Who Dats (besides 1 Eye, Los Angeles, and Arizona, of course). Beyond that, the tie game was instrumental in how the playoff seeding turned out for every single playoff team save the Birds of Prey. Because of first round byes, there’s truly no way to determine how the 2015 playoffs might have gone differently had the seeding been shuffled. If that interception never happened and 1 Eye had won that match rather than tying, they could very well have turned out to be the 2015 Champs. We’ll have to just chalk it up as another conspiracy against the Raiders.

But now these two teams meet again to settle that tie. Following that first meeting, the Super Chargers lost the next 7 games in a row, including a rematch with 1 Eye, while the Raider franchise went 6-1 over their next 7 and capped that off with a close loss to the Birds of Prey in the semifinals. The Stakes for this match are high with 1 Eye currently installed as a 30 point favorite.

1 Eye Til I Die                                  212.00

Los Angeles Super Chargers         149.00

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 The week 6 Game of the Week in the Super 16 features the #7 1 Eye til I Die (3-2) vs the #10 BIGDOGINTEX (3-2) in a match that will go far in determining these teams divisional rankings – both currently sit at 2nd place in the West and South Divisions, respectively.  The Vegas Spread on this anticipated close match-up is only 3 points (BIGDOGINTEX favored) with 1 Eye up 4-0 after his single defensive lineman played on Thursday night.  The League’s Raider franchise is still celebrating the destruction of the Los Angeles Super Chargers in last week’s Game of the Week, but they still trail L.A. who leads the West at 4-1.  The Dogs of Texas, on the other hand, are riding a 3 game win streak despite dealing with a myriad of injuries to start the season – though they may have their star receiver back to help out in this all important match.  This will be the first ever meeting of the two teams.

BIGDOGINTEX         273.50

1 Eye Til I Die            148.00

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The Super 16 Week 7 Game of the Week features the league #1 vs the league #2 as S16 North Division rivals Motor City Kitties (5-1-0) and The Dawg Pound (4-2-0) face off.  Through 6 weeks of play so far in 2016, these two teams are separated by a total of only 30 points scored, averaging 195.6 and 200.6 points per game, respectively.  Motor City swept The Dawg Pound last season in a pair of division matches, including another Week 7 game.  The Kitties are 3-0 against them, all-time, but the Dawgs are 4-2 all-time against Lions franchises and are 15-11 vs division opponents, going back to 2012.  They are 1-3 all-time in Week 7, while the Kitties are 1-2.  The latest line on the game has Motor City installed as 8 point favorites, and regardless of the outcome, it should set up fireworks for the rematch when these two meet again in the season finale in Week 13, a match that could end up being for the division crown.

The Dawg Pound     221.50

Motor City Kitties      159.00

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In a special Halloween edition of the Super 16 Game of the Week, the #9 Northern ‘Fins (4-3-0) take on the #10 Steel Curtain (3-4-0) with both teams taking the field at BYE Week strength with just skeleton squads to compete.  Control of the East Division could hang in the balance – #5 The Eagle (4-3-0), second in the Division is facing Indy.  The Fins and Curtains will be competing with the most stripped down of rosters in this very rare Bye Week vs Bye Week match that will be the ultimate test of the teams’ bench strength.  The Northern ‘Fins currently hold the lead in the East Division and are averaging 177 points per game, but their hometeam Dolphin players have contributed 92 points a game toward that average.  Steel Curtain is third in division, but only a win away from taking control.  A loss, however would almost eliminate them from the running as they already have head-to-head losses against the ‘Fins and the Eagles on their record.  They are averaging 191 points per game (6th in the league), with a whopping 114 points per game being contributed by hometeam Steelers.  The line from Vegas had the Miami franchise listed as a slight, 1 point favorite on Wednesday, but they are now installed as an overwhelming 28 point favorite after pulling ahead 29-0 on Thursday Night Football.  Can the Steel Curtain overcome underdog status to pull off a victory in this must-win game for them?  If not, and the ‘Fins are victorious, it will set up an interesting battle for the East Division title as they are still scheduled to play The Eagle has landed three times in the final leg of the season, including a back-to-back season finale in Weeks 12 and 13.

Northern Fins     181.00

Steel Curtain       115.00

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More than just a play on words, the Week 9 Game of the Week in the Super 16 between #4 BIGDOGINTEX (5-3-0) and the #5 Los Angeles Super Chargers (5-3-0) is indeed a super-big match-up.  The importance of this game was all set up by a 3 point swing of stat corrections after the Week 8 BIGDOG-BowMen game that caused a reversal of outcome.  Initially, BowMen had enjoyed a victory by just a single point, which would have given them control of the West Division and ranked them #3 overall in the league.  It also would have left BIGDOG a full 2 games back in the South Division and Los Angeles in third place in the West.  But now, thanks to the reversal, BowMen has fallen to #10, and we have a #4 vs #5 match-up with major implications for the South and West Division Titles as well as eventual seeding ramifications.  BIGDOGINTEX is only a single game back from the division leader Who Dats, with a total points advantage but a head-to-head loss.  A win in this game – particularly if the Who Dats lose to the BowMen – would set up a real heavyweight fight when the two meet again next week.  For the Super Chargers, restored to first place in the West, a win would keep them there as they head into the final stretch with 3 division matches ahead of them over the final four.  If BowMen were to lose this week, or if the Firebirds could pull off an upset vs 1 Eye in the other Western game, Los Angeles could stretch their lead to two games, and considering their 1-2 division record and a total points deficit to the rest of the West Division, that would be monumental.  The teams have faced each other once before, in Week 6 of last season, a game in which the Chargers dominated, winning 210-138.  los Angeles is 2-0 vs South Division teams this year, but BIGDOG is 3-0 against them in 2016, and the Chargers would make it a sweep.  Previously, they were an abysmal 1-5 against teams in the West Division going all the way back to 2012.  This season, however, BIGDOG is averaging an impressive 193 pointsd per game while Los Angeles clocks in at just 181.  This is reflected in the latest Vegas line which installs BIGDOGINTEX as a whopping 30 point favorite.

Los Angeles Super Chargers      194.00

BIGDOGINTEX                               172.00

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The Super 16 Game of the Week is the first part of a trilogy that will decide the 2016 East Division Champion, featuring #4 The Eagle has landed (6-3-0) and #5 Northern Fins (6-3-0).  Because of a quirk of scheduling, these teams not only have a third head-to-head scheduled this season, but their matches also happen to line up at season’s end with all 3 games being played across the final 4 weeks of the regular season.  The Fins are riding a 4 game winning streak, averaging 184 points per game for the season, while The eagle is on their own win-streak of 3 games, and though averaging only 172 per game this season, they’ve posted an incredible 212 points per game over the last three.  The all-time series between the two teams stands at 4 to 2 in favor of the Fins.  Tied in the standings, this first game between the two may be slightly more important for the Fins.  They must play the league #1 Who Dat Saints in Week 11 before resuming play vs the Eagle in the final two weeks of the regular season.  The Eagle will be taking on division rival and last place team Geno’s jaw Breakers in Week 11.  the Vegas odds on this match have it close, with the Northern Fins installed as just 11 point favorites, but the Eagle has already gone up by 22 points after Thursday Night Football.

Northern Fins         224.50

Eagle has landed    195.00

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It’s certainly not playoff football weather yet on the Gulf-South Coast, but this week’s Game of the Week match-up in the Super 16 is the embodiment of playoff football as the #1 Who Dat Saints (8-2-0) take on the #3 Northern Fins – going south (7-3-0).  The Who Dats can secure the South Division title this week with a win and a loss by division rival BIGDOGINTEX, and if they do, it would be the first time in the League’s 5 year history that a team other than the Birds of Prey took the South Division Championship.  The Fins cannot secure their division this week, even with a win and outside help, but, being just one game up on Eagle has landed, the win will help to give them a sizable edge when those two meet for a pair of rematches in Weeks 12 and 13.  This is the first ever meeting of these two teams, but the Fins are 1-2 against previous New Orleans franchises in the League, their 2 losses by just a combined 20 points.  The Who Dats come into the match averaging 191 points per game, but an impressive 208 per game over the last 5.  The Fins have averaged 196 per game over that same stretch and 188 per game for the season.  The pair have win-streaks of 6 games for the Who Dats and 5 games for the Fins; this could turn out to be one of the best match-ups of the 2016 season, and a likely playoff preview.  The action gets kicked off tonight as 5 players take the field for the Saints along with 2 for the Fins.

Northern Fins      193.50

Who Dat Saints    164.00

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There were no GOW’s for Weeks 12 and 13, 2016, for further recap of the season and for a review of the 2016 playoffs, please see 2016 Year in Review