Team Registry

Ready to register your team? Ready to lock down your team’s name and logo so nobody else in the Association can use it? You’ve come to the right place.  Please note, that you must register as a coach with Associated Fantasy before registering your team; you can do that here.  Also, there is no requirement to register your team to play in an AF League or Tournament, BUT if your team is registered, it qualifies for placement on the AF Team Register which will rank all Associated Fantasy league teams by their lifetime win percentage.  So, ready to see how your team ranks against your peers?  Just use the form below; it only takes a few minutes and it’s free.

Here’s a sample Team Card, the information you fill out below will be included on your own Team Card

Team Card Sample

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the form below:

  1. AF Username – (required) enter your AF Username, this is the name you registered in the Coach’s Registry
  2. Email – enter the email address directly associated with the team you are registering – this may be different from the email address you listed in your Coach Registration, as I know some people have multiple AF Teams with different accounts.  This will be the address used by AF for correspondence specifically relating to this team
  3. Team Name and League – (required) enter the team you are registering and the AF League it is a part of.  Please note that this name must match the name used on the league hosting site, of course you can change your team name, but if you do it must be changed on the hosting site as well.  Once registered, your teamname will be ‘locked’ and no other registered team will be able to use it in an AF League.  You must fill out a separate Team Registration for each of your AF teams you wish to register
  4. Team Logo – (required) again, this should match the logo you wish to use on the League or Tournament hosting site and can be any type of logo you desire.  Enter the url for the logo you want to use.  Once registered, you will also be ‘locking’ your logo so that it cannot be used by another registered team (there are however some limitations to this, including teams in Leagues or Tournaments which may require the use of an NFL logo even if that logo is registered to another team)  Registering your logo also does not prevent another team from registering a different version of a logo (for example different versions of an NFL team’s logo) so choose which version you want if using an existing NFL logo to register
  5. Team Colors and Fonts – (optional) this has to do with formatting your Team Card.  In most cases your ‘team colors’ will be matched directly from your logo, however if you choose, you can designate a ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ color among the logo’s color scheme.  This is also helpful if your selected logo has more than two colors, you can insure which of the colors are used in creating your Team Card.  The ‘font’ gives you control over what font is used for your Team Name on the card; simply name a font from MS Word that you want your Team Name to be written in.  Alternately, you can leave this section blank and your colors and font will be selected by AF to be aesthetically pleasing
  6. Hometown – (required) this does not have to be your actual hometown, nor does it have to match the hometown listed on your Coach’s Card.  Simply enter the town, city, or place-name (can be a state, country, province, or imaginary place) that you want affiliated with this team
  7. Mascot – (optional) just something to have fun with; get crazy with it if you want
  8. Home Field – (optional) again, just something to have fun with, you can list anything
  9. Team Slogan – (optional) most NFL teams have a signature cheer or chant that the fans identify with, does your fantasy team?
  10. Comments or Questions – Enter any comments or questions you have pertaining to the Team Registration or the Team Card

NOTE: The information on your Team Card will be entered EXACTLY as you enter it on the registration.  Once submitted, you’ll receive a proof by email before the Team Card is published to the website, at which time you can make any changes you want.  After that, the information can be edited once per calendar year by resubmitting this form with the new information you want displayed.  You can register any or all of your AF League Teams – one registration per team – and should you ever decide to move your team from one league to another your team card will show that continuity.