Coach’s Registry

Now you can officially register as a coach with Associated Fantasy.  It’s free and it only takes a couple of minute, and you can do it right here.

If you play in AF Leagues or Tournaments, it’s not required that you register as a coach, but there are huge benefits to doing so.  First, you get a snazzy “Coach’s Card” on the AF Coach’s Registry.  Also, by registering, you lock up your AF Coach’s name so that nobody else will ever be able to use the name you choose.  Registering as an AF Coach allows you to register each of your teams in the Teams’ Registry which will lock up their teamnames and logos as well.  Registered AF Coaches get first option when league and tournament openings become available, and they get bumped up the waiting lists to get into AF leagues; the Association also has plans for exclusive leagues and tournaments open only to registered coaches; qualifying for the AF Pro Bowl, for example, requires you to be a Registered Coach.  AF Registered Coaches also will appear in the AF Coach’s Registry where all registered coaches will be ranked by their lifetime AF win percentage.  So what are you waiting for?  Fill out the form below – it’s free and will only take a few minutes – and register as an AF Coach today.

Here’s a sample Coach’s Card, the information you fill out below will be included on your own Coach’s Card and published to the AF Coach’s Registry

Coach Card Sample 

Line by line guide to form (READ BEFORE SUBMITTING):

  1. AF Name – this is your AF Username and the name that will appear in stories about your teams.  Once registered, the name is locked and no other AF Coach can use it.  It can be any name you’d like to use (no profanity, please).  For example, if your name were John Smith, you could use: John, John Smith, Coach John, Coach Smith, Coach John Smith, Mr Smith, Dr John, Smitty, John-Boy, Johnny  “Super Coach” Smith,  The Amazing Plastic Dinosaur Man – basically, there are very few restrictions.(required)
  2. Email Address – THIS WILL NEVER BE MADE PUBLIC.  Submitting your email address here gets you onto our mailing list if you’re not their already, and is handy if we have any questions regarding your coach’s registry information. If you have multiple email addresses associated with different AF Teams, please enter the one you want on our mailing list and wish to use to be your primary email for correspondence related to Associated Fantasy (required)
  3. Picture – You have some options here.  If you wish, you can opt to use the AF default silhouette photo (as pictured in the sample above).  If you want to do this, simply leave this box blank.  Alternately, you can submit your own photo to use – a picture of yourself, a picture of a player, coach, or other celebrity, a logo, an animal, a car, or anything else you wish displayed as your ‘profile picture’.  If you want to use your own submission, just paste the url to the photo link in this box (find the image online, right-click and select “copy image address”, then paste into box).  Or, simply enter the name of what or who you wish to use as your photo and AF will find one that works.  You can also email AF directly with a jpeg of the picture you wish to use. (optional)
  4. AF Teams and Leagues – In this spot simply list all of your teams in AF Leagues (current and past teams), with the teams’ league name (required)
  5. Hometown – This field is optional, if you choose not to answer, the field will be left blank.  If you do choose to answer, you can answer however you wish; you can use your hometown, your current location, an imaginary place, whatever you want to appear in the “Hometown” field (optional)
  6. Quote – Again, this is optional.  You can include a favorite quote, a personal slogan, a movie line, song lyric, anything you want, or nothing at all.  (no profanity) (optional)
  7. Fantasy Experience –  Here you have the option of including the number of years you have been playing fantasy football. (optional)
  8. Favorite Real Team – You can optionally list you’re favorite sports team.  This is not limited to NFL teams, it can be a college team, or an NBA, NHL, or MLB team, it can be a NASCAR driver, or a European soccer club, even the US Olympic team; whatever you want to be associated with as a fan. (optional)
  9. Non AF Teams – In this final slot, you have the option of listing any and/or all fantasy teams you manage in leagues outside of the Associated Fantasy umbrella.  Just fill in the names and league names of any team you wish to be included. (optional)

NOTE: The information on your Coach’s Card will be entered EXACTLY as you enter it on the registration.  Once submitted, you’ll receive a proof by email before the Coach’s card is published to the website, at which time you can make any changes you want.  After that, the information can be edited once per calendar year by resubmitting this form with the new information you want displayed (AF will take care of updating your Win-Loss record each offseason).  Once your Coach’s Registration has been submitted, you are free to submit registrations for your AF Teams on the “Team Registry” page.

Coach’s Registration Form (Read the line by line guide to the form that appears above form BEFORE filling out)