Leatherheads FC League Rules




Leatherheads Fantasy Conference (LFC)

League Rules


I     General

A.     These will serve to be the official rules for Leatherheads Fantasy Conference (LFC)

B.     For anything not covered in these rules, please refer to the League Settings page at League website

C.     All arbitration of League Rules to be arbitrated solely by League Manager (LM)

1.   Should any unforeseen event arise not covered explicitly in the rules, LM will exercise final judgment

2.   Any LM decision that involves LM’s team will cause LM’s team to be removed from Championship eligibility

II     Format

A.     8 Teams; Redraft; Relegation Elligible

B.     Teams must be a prior Associated Fantasy League Champion, Tournament Champion, or Affiliated League Champion (any season 2011-2017)

C.     Teams must be managed by AF Registered Coaches

III     Entry Fee/Payouts

A.     Leatherheads Fantasy Conference is a paid entry league

1.   Entry fee is $35.00(US) payable through LeagueSafe.com

2.   TC will set deadline for payment of entry fees

B.     Prize winnings are as follows:

  • 1st (League Champion) $150.00(US)
  • 2nd (League Runner-Up) $80.00(US)
  • Regular Season Points Champion $50.00(US)

1.   See also Section IX: Playoffs and Payouts

IV     Scoring

A.     Offense: AF Milestone


B.     Defense: AF Warrior


V     Rosters

  • Bench: 5

VI     Free Agency

A.     Revolving Waivers – Move to last after successful claim, order never resets

1.   2 day waiver period

2.   Players lock at game time

3.   Initial Waiver Priority Order will be inverse of the draft order

B.     Teams are Limited to a maximum 25 transactions (add/drops or trades) per season (includes post season)

C.     Trading is allowed

1.   Trade deadline: Week 10

2.   Review by league vote

3.   Trades do not count toward transaction limit for either team involved

VII     Draft

A.     Draft is held live online, annually on the last Sunday of preseason, at 9:00pm EDT

1.   The 2018 Draft will be live online on Sunday, September 3, 2018 at 9:00pm EDT

B.     Draft will be 18 rounds in length

1.   Each round will be Straight-Line (1-8, 1-8, 1-8, etc) (see NOTE below)

2.   60 seconds are allotted for each pick

C.     Draft Order

1.   Inaugural season draft order will be randomized by the draft randomizer at fftoolbox.com once league is full and all teams have submitted their entry fees

2.   Draft order for subsequent seasons will be determined by descending order of previous season’s total regular season points totals, first to last (tiebreakers in effect)

a.   New teams replacing non-returning teams, will assume draft slots at the end of the order (in order of entry) and returning teams will be moved up accordingly

NOTE:   Coaches concerned with the Straight-Line draft order format please see Leatherheads Rules Appendix: Sample Straight-Line Auto Draft

VIII     Schedule

A.     Regular season will be Weeks 1-14

B.     League will play a double round robin schedule in Weeks 1-14 in which every team will play every other team twice (randomized)

IX    Playoffs and Payouts

A.     At the conclusion of Week 14, the team with the highest season points scored total will be declared the Regular Season Points Champion and will win $50.00(US)

1.   Winning the Regular Season Points Championship is a stand alone prize and does not preclude winner from advancing to the Championship Series, nor does it give team an automatic bid

B.     In lieu of playoffs, LFC will utilize a best of 3 Championship Series to be held in Weeks 15, 16, and 17(if neccessary)

1.   At the conclusion of Week 14, the top 2 teams by standings (see Section X: Tiebreakers) will advance to the Championship Series

2.   The Championship Series will be a series of three match-ups (Weeks 15, 16, and 17) between the top two teams (by standings) after the conclusion of Week 14

a.   These match-ups will be manually set by TC, and all other teams will be put on forced bye

C.     The League Champion will be the first of these two Championship Series teams to win two games (in weeks 15, 16, and 17) and will win $150.00(US)

D.     The League Runner-Up will be the team that loses the Championship Series and will win $80.00(US)

E.     Payouts will not be disbursed until the Friday following the conclusion of Week 16 (after the Thursday NFL stat corrections)

X     Tiebreakers

A.     Individual Match-ups of the regular season are allowed to end in ties

B.     Order of tiebreakers for season points totals used to determine the Regular Season Points Champion are as follows:

  1. Week 14 score
  2. Week 13 score
  3. Week 12 score
  4. Week 11 score
  5. Week 10 score
  6. Week 9 score
  7. Week 8 score
  8. Week 7 score
  9. Week 6 score
  10. Week 5 score
  11. Week 4 score
  12. Week 3 score
  13. Week 2 score
  14. Week 1 score
  15. If still tied after 14th tiebreaker, prize money is split.

C.     Order of tiebreakers for standings’ ties in the regular season is as follows (NOTE: these tiebreakers ARE NOT the default tiebreaking system used by NFL.com; in the event of a standings tie, playoff seeding may be manually adjusted by the LM based on these tiebreakers):

  1. Total season points
  2. Head-to-head cumulative points
  3. Regular season total QB points
  4. Total FLEX position points in head-to-head matches of tied teams
  5. Total FLEX position points in Weeks 1-14
  6. Total kicking points in head-to-head matches of tied teams
  7. Total kicking points in Weeks 1-14
  8. Total combined IDP points in head-to-head matches of tied teams
  9. Total combined IDP points in Weeks 1-14
  10. Coin Flip

D.     Tiebreakers for playoff matches are as follows:

  1. Starting QB points
  2. Starting FLEX position points
  3. Total combined starting IDP points
  4. If still tied after 3rd tiebreaker winnings or split 50/50

XI     Special Rule

A.     Participation in tournament is limited to one entry per household/IP address

B.     After all tournament slots are filled but before draft order has been established, NFL.com will be contacted to verify that all participants registered with tournament are originating from different IP addresses to verify that no participant is registered with multiple teams

C.     Multiple teams originating from the same IP address will result in immediate expulsion of all teams involved

D.     It is recommended, that before the draft, each individual team verify for themselves that all teams are from different IP addresses; this can be done through the contact NFL tool (found in the FAQs), simply send an email, include league ID number, and ask NFL to verify that no teams in the league originate from the same IP address