IDP Scoring Settings

AF Leagues all use one of 5 standardized sets of IDP scoring settings (unless approved for custom scoring) to make it easier to comare teams’ preformances across leagues.  Each scoring format has been developed through multiple seasons of testing and through analyzing the effects of different fantasy scoring rules when actual NFL stats are plugged into the equation, and are designed to balance fantasy scoring against on-field performance across positions, in a way that attempts to take as much luck out of the equation as possible.  As defensive settings, they are also designed to complement the AF Offensive scoring settings in a way that makes sure defensive statistics impact the fantasy scoreboard fairly in relation to offensive scoring.

*NOTE: Because of an NFL rule change, there is a new scoring category in NFL games this season.  With the change of the PAT rule, defenses may now return turnovers on missed PAT and 2 point conversion plays, receiving 2 points for a successful return.  The point value for a successfull 2 point return by an individual defensive player (IDP), will be equal to the point value for safeties in each individual AF IDP scoring set

Side-By-Side Comparison


AF Standard

AF Standard is the Default IDP setting for AF leagues, balancing defensive scoring against offensive in a way that equalizes individual defensive players’ values relative to offensive players and when used in conjunction with the Offensive Score Setting AF Standard, can make use of decimal scoring.

AF IDP Standard

AF Varsity

AF Varsity is IDP Lite; a blanced, big-play focused, medium scoring defensive stting, designed to complement offensive ff scoring but not to match it


AF Warrior

AF Warrior is heavy scoring, big-play focused defense.  This scoring setting quickly seperates IDP players that have a really great day from those that have just a good one.

AF IDP Warrior

AF Rally

The AF Rally IDP scoring setting is designed specifically to match with AF Arena offensive scoring setting.

AF IDP Rally

AF Canton

The AF Canton IDP score setting is designed specifically to be paired with AF Milestone or Century offensive scoring settings.  Note that AF Goalline does not have decimal scoring, so that fractional point values do not acrue fantasy points until they reach a total of one whole point.