“First vs Last” Bracket Scheduling

 A standard tournament bracket tree in which teams are seeded highest vs lowest, descending toward the middle (ie 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5).  First vs last brackets can be either “Fixed” or “Reseeded”.  In a Fixed first vs last bracket, once teams are seeded into the braket tree by ranking, matches follow the tree with winners playing the winners from the adjacent branch.  In a Reseeded first vs last bracket, winners are reseeded each round so that the highest seed will always face the lowest seed.

Home Team Keeper League

In a Home Team Keeper League, teams choose an actual NFL team to ‘represent’ – their home team, for example.  Teams then choose a set number of players from that team to be used as their keeper players, and then fill the rest of their roster through the draft.

Ladder Scheduling

A scheduling system in which teams are scheduled by ranking.  Teams are paired, so that odd ranked teams are matched against the even ranked team immediately below them in the standings (1st place vs 2nd place; 3rd place vs 4th place; Second-to-last place vs Last place; etc).  Matchups are regenerated on a weekly basis as standings change, giving lower ranked teams the ability to ‘climb the ladder’ if they win.  It also makes it exceedingly difficult for teams at the top to remain there.  Ladder scheduling can be used for an entire season (1st week seeding method to be specified) or it can be used for a set number of weeks inside of a season.

Round Robbin

A scheduling system in which every team plays every team one time.  Round Robbins will always require one less week than the number of teams to complete a round (EX: 8 teams = 7 weeks);

  • League Round Robin = the round robin is league-wide
  • Group Round Robin = the round robin applies only to the teams within a group, division, conference, etc
  • Double Round Robin = every team plays every team twice

SimulPlay Match

SimulPlay is an exclusive feature of the Super 16 League.  It is a scheduled, regular season match-up between two League teams that coincides with a same-week match-up of the NFL teams that those teams represent.



Tiered Divisions

A division system within a league in which teams are grouped by performance, ussually the prior season’s end results.  The highest finishing teams are placed together in one division, and the lowest finishing teams are placed together in another.  If there are to be more than two divisions, teams are subdivided further with the middle finishing teams filling the other division(s)

Vs League Win Percentage (VSL%)

This is the win percentage of a team’s overall W-L record vs it’s entire league if every team played every team each week.  It is calculated by first finding the team’s Vs League Record – the W-L-T record the team would have if it had played every other team each week, then dividing for win percentage.  Example:  In a 10 team league, a team that was the highest scoring team in the league for 3 weeks, would have a VsL Record of 27-0-0 (outscored all 9 other teams x 3 weeks = 27 Wins).  Their VsL would be 1.000.  Example:  In a 12 team league, a team that was 8-3 vs the rest of its league each week over 10 weeks would have a VsL Record of 80-30-0 *-3 x 10 weeks), and their VsL% would be .730 (8o wins divided by 110 total games = .73)

Ties in the formula are calculated as .5 wins

VsL% is used in ranking the AF Top 25



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