IFFL League Rules



League Rules

NOTE:  All Rule Changes For 2017 Appear In RED

I     General

  • These will serve to be the official rules for AF’s International Fantasy Football League (IFFL)
  • For anything not covered in these rules, please refer to the League Settings page at League Hosting Site 
  • All arbitration of League Rules to be arbitrated solely by League Manager (LM)
  • Should any unforeseen event arise not covered explicitly in the rules, LM will exercise final judgment
  • Any LM decision that involves LM’s team will cause LM’s team to be removed from Championship eligibility

II     Format

  • 10 Teams; Redraft; Eligible for Expansion
    • For the 2017 season the IFFL will expand to 12 teams aligned into 3 divisions of 4 teams each
      • Europa Division
      • Americas Division
      • Pacific Division

III     Scoring

IV     Rosters

V     Free Agency

  • Revolving Waivers – Move to last after successful claim
  • 2 day waivers
  • Players lock at game time

VI     Draft

  • Draft held live online, annually on the last Sunday of preseason, at 11:00am EDT
  • The 2017 Draft will be live online on Sunday, September 3, 2015 at 11:00am EDT
  • Draft will be serpentine style, 16 rounds in length
  • 120 seconds are allotted for each pick
  • Draft order is determined by descending order of previous season‘s total regular season points totals
  • Highest points total, gets 1st pick; second highest points total gets 2nd pick; and so on
  • Draft position for expansion teams and for new teams replacing non-returning teams will be determined by the following:
    • Non-returning teams, will leave the draft slot accorded to that non-returning team open, based on its previous season points total
    • The 2017 expansion will open draft positions #11 and #12
    • The Draft Order Generator at FF Toolbox.com will be used to determine the draft position of all new teams (both for expansion teams and for teams replacing teams that do not return)
    • All new teams will be entered into the generator, and it will randomize a draft order (1 thru the total number of new teams) for those teams and email the teams a copy of the order for verification
    • The team drawing the #1 pick from the Draft Order Generator will assume the draft position of the highest picking non-returning team; the team drawing the #2 pick will assume the draft position of the next highest non-returning team; and so on, concluding with the expansion picks of slots #11 and #12
    • This will not affect the draft slots of any returning teams who will retain their draft slot based on their prior season regular season points finish

VII     Schedule

  • Regular season will be weeks 1-11
  • League will play a single round robin schedule in weeks 1-11 in which every team will play every team once
  • Because there is no available setting for the league’s playoff format on the hosting site (see below), the Regular Season will show as Weeks 1-13, but all teams who do not qualify for their Divisional Championship (Weeks 12-13)(see below) will be given Week 12 and 13 BYES and the teams that do qualify for their Divisional Championship will be manually matched by the LM

VIII    Playoffs

  • Playoffs will be held in Weeks 12-17 and will be comprised of 3 rounds of two-week cumulative points matches per round
  • 6 teams (+1) will qualify for the playoffs
    • The +1 team will be the Points Wild Card slot (see below)
  • Round 1 – Divisional Championship Round (Weeks 12-13) 
    • The top two teams from each division as ranked by Division Standings will face each other in a Division Championship Game in a two-week cumulative points match in Weeks 12 and 13
    • The three winning teams (Division Champions) will advance to the Semi-Finals Round (Round 2)
  • Round 2 – Semi Finals Round (Weeks 14-15)
    • The three Division Champions – as determined by the outcomes of the Round 1 matches – will advance to the Semi-Finals Round
    • A fourth team – the Points Wild Card – will advance to the Semi-Finals Round as well
      • The Points Wild Card will be awarded to the team with the highest accumulated Regular Season (Wks 1-11) points total among all teams other than the three Division Champions
      • Qualifying for the Points Wild Card slot will be irrespective of whether the qualifying team played in the Divisional Championship Round (Round 1) of the playoffs, neither will losing in the Divisional Round disqualify a team from being named the Points Wild Card
    • Seeding for the Semi-Finals Round (Round 2) of the playoffs will be determined by the 4, Round 2 teams’ Regular Season (Wks 1-11) accumulated points totals (#1-#4) with the highest scoring team receiving the #1 seed, the second highest receiving the #2 seed, and so on 
    • Seed #1 will play seed #4 and seed #2 will play seed #3 in two-week cumulative points matches in Weeks 14 and 15 with the winners advancing to the League Championship (Round 3) 
  • Round 3 – Championship (Weeks 16-17)
    • The two winners from the Semi-Finals Round (Round 2) will face each other in the League Championship, a two-week cumulative points match in Weeks 16 and 17
  • Because there is no available setting for this playoff format on the hosting site, playoff settings will be set to “4 teams, two weeks per match, weeks 14-17” and the match-ups for the Week 12-13 Divisional championship games will be manually set by the LM while non-qualifying teams will be manually given BYE weeks for the final two weeks (12 and 13) of what the hosting site will consider to be the ‘Regular Season’

X     Tiebreakers*

  • Individual Match-ups are allowed to end in ties
  • Order of tiebreakers for standings’ ties in the regular season is as follows:
  1. Division Record
  2. Total Division points
  3. Head-to-head record
  4. Head-to-head cumulative points
  5. Total Season Points
  6. Total, combined FLEX position points in head-to-head matches
  7. Total, combined FLEX position points in Weeks 1-13
  8. Total kicking points in head-to-head matches
  9. Total kicking points in Weeks 1-13
  10. Total TEAM DEF points in head-to-head matches
  11. Total TEAM DEF points in Weeks 1-13
  12. Coin Flip

* Division Record will be sorted and ranked in the standings automatically by the hosting site using the NFL’s standings tiebreaker method which includes methodology for breaking ties when more than two teams have a standings tie, BUT for IFFL divisional standings ties (used in determining the participants of a Divisional Championship game), tied standings will be manually sorted based on these tiebreakers

Tiebreakers for match-up ties in the playoffs are: 

  1. Total combined QB points
  2. Total FLEX position points
  3. Highest total number of TDs scored in match (all positions and all forms of TD)
  4. If still tied, coin flip will determine outcome and winner will be astericked in the record book