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Fantasy Addicts After Hours

Addicts After Hours

Inspired by a league manager that never wants the season to end

This idea stemmed from combining an ongoing joke in one of my local leagues about NFL players getting arrested or otherwise being in the news for off-field events, combined with a local news story I once read about a group of New Orleans ‘society watchers’ who devised a fantasy-type game based on (you can’t make this stuff up) local debutantes from famous local families, with scoring based on different events, rumors, and gossip that they may be linked to in the local paper’s Society Section – as it turns out, their’s a whole industry of similar ‘Celebrity Fantasy’ out there already, so I guess I really didn’t invent anything.  It’s really just a stupid, fun (or fun, stupid) way to keep the fantasy season going into next year’s real season.


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Any or all Fantasy Addicts teams can participate or not.  A short, simple email draft will be held, and then total points will be assigned, updated here, throughout the offseason, based on the scoring criteria below.  No trades, add-drops, or weekly lineup settings are required.  The only thing teams will need to do is send a quick email to claim points for their team when one of their players ‘scores’ (see below)


Once all interested teams have notified the Addicts LM that they wish to participate, LM will start a simple email thread for an email draft.  There will be no specified time limit per pick, teams are simply urged to do their best to keep things moving.  There are no trades, add-drops, or bench players; your drafted players are your full lineup through the entire off-season.  Draft/Roster requirements are: 1 QB, 2 Offensive FLEX players (may include QBs), and 2 Defensive FLEX players.  That’s it, 5 total players per team, with no more personnel management needed.  The “season” will begin at 12:01 am EDT of the day following the final draft selection, or the day after the Super Bowl, whichever is later.  Draft order will be by 2015 final standings.


Scoring will be by total points, and will be determined by attributing point values for different “qualifying events” that your players may be involved with in the off-season (see below).  For the ‘events’ to qualify for scoring, they must be reported on by either,, or   The individual teams will be responsible for ‘claiming’ their points by emailing a link to the LM of the news story (NOTE: points awarded per ‘event’ not per news story about the event), and the LM will update the scoring page with your points and with the link.  There is no deadline or time limit for claiming the points.


Haha, yes playoffs.  The number of teams to go to the ‘playoffs’ will be determined and announced by LM once the number of teams participating has been determined.  The playoff period will be the 2016 preseason.  Playoff teams will have to ‘start’ 2 of their 5 players by posting to the Addicts message board which 2 players will be their playoff/preseason starters.  Once declared, they cannot be changed for the duration of the playoffs/preseason (for any reason, including suspension or injury).  Those players will then continue to be scored by the After Hours score criteria, as well as receiving stats based points (Fantasy Addicts scoring rules) through the entire preseason.  The stats will be manually converted by the LM.  Highest total combined offseason and preseason points will win the “After Hours” Season.


Players will receive points based on being involved in any of the following qualifying events as reported on by,, or Rotoworld .com (with the exception of the Mugshot Bonus which can be sourced from anywhere, but must be current).  Teams are responsible for collecting/claiming their own points; if there is a news story or mention on any of the 3 named sites involving any of a team’s 5 off-season players, the team owner must email the LM a link to the story to claim the points, and LM will update the scoreboard as well as posting the qualifying link.

-LM’s Note: If any of you have any scoring ideas of anything I might have missed, just let me know and we’ll get it onto the list.  Also, if you think it would be easier by narrowing the rosters down to 3 instead of 5 we can do that as well, I want to make sure this is fun instead of work

  ARRESTED/CRIMINAL ACTIVITY (points for all qualifying categories per event)(conviction not mandatory for points)
3 DUI/DWI (drugs or alcohol)
3 Drugs/Controlled Substance (possession or distribution, public intoxication)
6 Weapons Charges (including but not limited to possession or illegal use of)
6 Assault Charges (any kind)
3 BONUS: Domestic Violence Charges
3 Miscellaneous Arrest
1 Married
1 Has Child/Adopts Child
3 Romantically linked to celebrity (actress, model, singer, reality star etc)
3 BONUS: Celebrity Linked To Is/Was Porn Star
3 BONUS: Romantic Linking In Extra-Marital Affair (either party)
6 BONUS: Sex Tape Leaked
1 Linked To Charitable Event, Donation, Foundation, Award, Etc
1 Guest Host of Miscellaneous Event, TV Show, Etc
6 Enters Substance Abuse Rehab Facility
2 Divorced
2 Involved In Lawsuit (either plaintiff or defendant)
3 Monetary Judgment Against
6 BONUS: Judgment Against Is For Child Support
2 Miscellaneous Scandal (for events not covered by any other scoring rule)
3 Receives Court Order To Attend Rehab (will also receive rehab points from above upon entering)
1 Free Agency Signing/Resigning
3 BONUS: If Signed By Different Team


BONUS: If Signed By Different Team In Same Division (receives both bonuses)

Designated with Franchise Tag

3 Traded
2 Part Of A ‘Camp Battle’
6 Tests Positive For Performance Enhancing Drugs
10 Suspended and/or Fined By League


Gains/Looses Endorsement Deal

Makes, posts, tweets contraversial statement

3 Makes Negative Statement Directed Toward Opponent
3 Makes Negative Statement Directed Toward Another Team/Organization/City
6 Makes Negative Statement Directed Toward Teammate
6 Makes Negative Statement Directed Toward Own Coach/Owner/Organization
6 Makes Negative Statement Directed Toward League/Commissioner
25 Retires
3 BONUS: Holds Out From Training Camp/Preseason
1 – Bonus Per Day That Holdout Continues (Bonus will continue to accumulate even if player is not a designated After Hours playoff player during the Preseason)
10 BONUS: If Any Qualifying Event Takes Place In Las Vegas
10 BONUS: Mugshot Published – Must Be From An Arrest Occurring Within The ‘Season’ But Does Not Need To Be Sourced From, or