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2016 Season Notes:

Rule Changes for 2016

  • I’ve ‘cleaned up’ the wording in the League Rules, which should make them easier to follow in general
  • There are some scoring changes as a result of the Scoring Systems this league uses (AF Milestone for offense and AF IDP Varsity for IDP) having changes made to them, the changes are as follows:
    • AF Milestone:
    • a 5 point bonus has been added for 400 yards passing
    • the bonuses for 100 and 200 yards rushing was 3 points (each) and is now 4 points (each)
    • .2 points per reception has been removed
    • 100 yard receiving bonus of 3 points has been changed to 4 points
    • a bonus of 4 points has been added for 200 yards receiving
    • AF IDP Varsity:
    • .5 points per QB Hit has been removed
    • .5 points per tackle for loss has been removed
    • These changes mean there will no longer be any fractional scoring values
  • A new rule has been added to the League Rules concerning Entry Fees/Pay-Outs, which states that in the first season in which 9 or more teams (half plus 1) return from the previous season, it will trigger the league to convert to a $$ League (I highly doubt this will take place this year).  Entry would be $25 with a $15 Ante if you make it into Round 2.  Pay-Outs would be for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.  You can view the full rule on the League Rules page