AF Stats FAQ



Ranking Calculations

Record – This is the easiest category to understand.  We take the total games you’ve won in your league for the year.  The more the better.  You’re team is ranked based on most wins to least.

Overall Wins – This category was the entirety of our previous ranking system.  Also called, VsL% (Vs League win Percentage), it measures how your team would have stacked up against the rest of the league if every team played every other team in each week.  If you were the top score for the week, you have the best VsL%, if you scored the least that week, you have the worst.  Throughout the year we will keep a running total of your win % against your league and see where you stack up!

Consistency – The most difficult category to explain and understand is this one. How consistent is your team compared to everyone else?  However, it doesn’t stop there, the score is created by taking the standard deviation of each weekly score, combined with how your average score stacks up against the league average. If your team is consistent and above average, you’ll have a better score; inconsistent but above average, ok score; consistent and below average, makes your score a little worse.  Finally, inconsistent and below the league average gives you the worst score in this category.

Point % – This category takes a team’s average score and divides it by the league’s average weekly score to see how you stack up against the weekly average. A score of 100 means you are right on the league average. A score below 100 means your team is below your league’s average and a score above 100 means your team is above your league’s average. The higher the number, the better your team is performing against the league average.

Coaching Efficiency – This category measures how many points a team left on the bench.  It takes a team’s total score for the week and divides it by the optimal lineup score for that week. Say a team scored 100 points in a week, if they would have played all the right players at each position, they could have scored 150.  That means they were only 66.7% efficient that week. \The higher a team’s Coach Efficiency score the better that coach has done at playing the right players each week.  A score of 100% is perfect.

Power Ranking Calculation – After each category’s score is calculated, we rank them against all 106 teams in the Association. We then take the rankings in each category and combine them to create your power ranking score. The rankings are weighted as follows: Record x3, Overall Wins x5, Consistency x2, Points % x4, and Coaching Efficiency x1. This calculation will give you the “Power Rank Score”. Once we have everyone’s PR Score, we rank all the teams and release the rankings. It’s that simple…

A few things of note:

The PR Scores can range from 15 (a perfect score) to 1200 (last in every category). Will anyone achieve perfection this year?

Each week we will release the AF Top 25 rankings, along with the movement of each team in the rankings. Along with the Top 25 we will also release the complete 106 team ranking, complete with their score in each category, on the AF Rankings page so everyone can see how they stack up.

Also, each week we will highlight the movers and shakers inside the rankings.  We’ll tell you who moved up the most in the rankings and who moved down the most as well.


Use the contact form below to submit any question you may have about the all new Associated Fantasy Power Ranking System or the Top 25.  We’ll not only answer it, but we’ll post the Question and Answer here (anonymously, of course) for other coaches who may be wondering the same thing.