Pro Bowl Ballot

TOURNAMENT LOGO LgTime to vote for your favorite 2015 Associated Fantasy teams to make it into the 2016 AF Pro Bowl Tournament.  All AF League teams (sorry, AF Tournament teams not elligible to vote) can use the ballot below to cast their vote.  If you have a team in more than one AF League, you may fill out a ballot for each of your AF League teams.  For each ballot submitted, please include your team name, along with your primary email address (the email you wish all AF correspondance to go to), then select the 3 teams you wish to vote for  – you can vote for your own team, but you cannot vote for any 1 team more than once on the same ballot.  If you choose to submit a write in candidate, you can do so by selecting “other” in the box to vote for your third nominee, and then filling in your write in nominee in the box – if you select a given nominee as your 3rd choice, then your write-in vote will not be counted.  Good luck to all nominees.  You can read more about the Tournament and each of the 2015 nominees here.

15 nominees