2017 Pro Bowl Nominees

Teams are nominated for the AF Po Bowl Tournament from the field of all 106 Association teams based on a combination of record, scoring, acheivement, stats, ranking, and competition level


Andalusia Arrows2016 Association Rookie Coach of the Year Wade Bodiford followed up his breakout 16-8-0 inaugural season in The Dixie League with a 14-6-2 sophomore outing, returning to the Western League Championship Series for the second consecutive season.  The Alabama Archers led the league in scoring, led the league in fewest turnovers, and tied for first in most take-aways, but fell just 1 touchdown short of first place in the league’s “Home Run Derby” that honors total regular season touchdowns scored.

Arizona FirebirdsCoach Crash’s franchise in the Super 16, the Arizona Firebirds finished the S16 Regular Season with a 9-3-0 record for the #1 seed and are ranked as AF#3 on the AF top 25.  They were the #1 scoring team in the league and won the S16 West Division Title, with 3 of 4 teams ranked in the Top 25, perhaps the toughest division in the Association this season.  The Firebirds are on the brink of becoming a Gold Star Team in the 2017 season, and can reach their 50th career win with just 1 more victory.



Birds of Prey – Coach Roger Tripp’s juggernaut in the Super 16 is the only veteran All-Pro team in this year’s round of nominees, and are the Champions of the 2015-16 Pro Bowl TournamentBoP won the South Division Championship for the fourth time in 5 seasons this year, finishing the Regular Season as the AF#15 with a 9-2-0 record and a first round bye in the playoffs.  The Birds are a Gold Star Team and currently have more career wins than any team in the Association.



Finkle is Einhorn – run by the Association’s very own Stats Director, the AF#8 Finkle currently sits in second place in the Suicide Squad Racing Society’s Points Race League with 2258 points, just 33 points back from the leader, fellow Nominee Tigershark Dracula Fangs.  They’ve posted the high score of the week 3 times this season and have sat all alone in first place for 7 weeks of the season, the most of any team.


Insane Clowney Posse – coach Nexecutioner’s Clowns lost the 2016 Legion Bowl for the Legion of Defense Championship to fellow Nominee Suspension Freaks, and returned in 2017 to beat the Freaks 3 times in the regular season.  They posted a 7-5-0 record while playing against the best in the league in the Legion’s Premier Division, and one of their 5 losses was by a single point, and are currently ranked AF#9 in the Association.  Finishing second in the all-star division, they qualified for the post season as the Premier Wild Card and will face their rival Freaks in the Week 13 Wild Card Game.



Kizzys Krackbacks – A 2017 rookie franchise in the Fantasy Addicts League, meigzoh’s Krackbacks  took the league by storm from the very start, scoring the High Score of the week 6 times and the Offense of the Week 5 times.  They will finish as the Addict’s Ladder Champion and currently have a 10-2-0 record heading into the playoffs, as the AF#12 and the league #1 in total scoring, on track for their season to place as the 4th highest in league history.



Kokomo Kings – A rookie ball club in The Dixie League, the Kings finished 2017 with a 10-7-5 record, and were ranked as high as AF#4 at one point this season.  Missing out on a spot in the Western League Championship Series by just a half game, they did win the League’s “Home Run Derby” for most touchdowns scored with 47 of them this year.  They matched or exceeded the League scoring average in 7 of 11 weeks and finished third in the league in scoring, just 3 points below the #1 team, fellow Nominee Andalusia Arrows.


London Falling – The World League London franchise, ranked as the AF#20 is playoff bound, with the #3 seed in the Eastern Conference and an 8-4-0 record. Cursed with playing in the same Conference as both the Old England Patriots and the Scandinavian Stars, fellow ten-win Nominees who account for 2 of London’s 4 losses.  The Falling are the League’s highest scoring franchise through 12 weeks, and have won 6 of their last seven, averaging 106 points per game over that stretch, 17 points above the league average.  They currently sit just 3 games shy of their 50th career win.



Los Angeles Dragons – One of the biggest stories of the 2017 season in the Association, Coach Joey Drakor’s AF#1 Dragons won World Bowl IV for the League Championship of the World Fantasy League in 2015, then finished 10-3-0 in 2016, before jumping to the IFFL this season in a quest to be the first Association team to win a championship in two separate leagues.  Since joining the IFFL, they have been almost unstoppable, finishing the Regular Season as the League #1 with an 8-3-0 record – 2 of their 3 losses to playoff teams – they also finished #1 in scoring with 2092 points, putting them on track to break the League All-Time Scoring Record if they can make it all the way through the postseason to the Championship.  They currently lead the New Orleans VooDoo in the two-week Americas Division Championship, where win or lose, because of their points finish, they’ll get an automatic bid to the semifinals as the Points Wild Card.


Mighty Pats (Addicts) – Coached by the mysteriously ubiquitouos Mighty Pats, the Fantasy Addicts League version of this franchise is sitting in second place going into the final week of ladder scheduling.  With an 8-4-0 record going into Week 13, the Pats have lost to fellow Nominee and League leader Kizzy’s Krackbacks 3 times this season, accounting for 3 of 4 losses on their record, but still have a tie for second in the standings and were named Offense of the Week, Defense of the Week 3 times, and Special Teams of the Week 4 times this season.



Old England Patriots – Finishing the Regular Season in the World Fantasy League as the #1 team in the standings and #2 in scoring, the Patriots are on track for their 2017 campaign to place in the Top 20 for scoring in league history.  They became a Gold Star Team in 2017, reaching their 5oth career win in Week 10, and head into the playoffs with a 10-2-0 record.




Our Miss BrookeTmande’s entry in the inaugural season of the Suicide Squad, AF#16 Miss Brooke, is one of only 3 teams to have held the first place position all season in this Total Points Race.  They’ve held first in 3 weeks of 12, placed in the Top 3 in 4 weeks and posted the highest numbers in 2 of them.  They currently sit in 3rd place with a 2039 point total score, almost a hundred points ahead of 4th place.


Perth PanthersCoach C’s Big, Black Cats of Western Australia were the Division Champions of the IFFL’s now disbanded South Divison last season and fell just a single point short of the League Championship.  In the 2017 season, they’ve been on a mission to return, anchoring the League’s new, expansion Pacific Division, Perth has run roughshod over the new teams on their way to a 7-4-0 record and 3rd place in the league in total scoring, earning themselves a Division Championship Game vs Hawaii, which they currently lead at the half-way mark, 221-1853 of their 4 losses were to playoff teams, two of them to fellow Pro Bowl Nominees, and they are currently on a 7 game win-streak in which they’ve averaged almost 220 points per game.


Scandinavian Stars – Ending their 2017 Regular Season campaign in the World Fantasy League as the AF#24 with a 10-2-0 record, the Stars were the #1 team in the league all season untill being overtaken on points by fellow Nominee Old England in Week 10.  They are just 3 games away from their 50th career win and are a 2 time World Bowl team as they head into the playoffs as the League #2 on their quest to return.


Scottish Claymores – One of the most consistant teams of 2017 in the IFFL, the AF#17 Claymores have appeared on every edition of the Top 25 this season – ranked as high as AF#7 and never lower than AF#18 – and came away from the Regular season with a 2nd place 7-4-0 record and a 2nd place 2065 point season scoring total.  Three of their 4 losses were to playoff teams, and their 2nd place finishes put them just 1 game, and 27 points behind fellow Nominee the Los Angeles Dragons.  They currently lead the Venice Killerwhales 245-182 in the two-week Europa Division Championship.



Suspension Freaks – The Defending 2016 Champions in the Legion of Defense, Coch Shane Rocks’ Bouncing Tigers debuted at AF#1 on 2017’s first edition of the Top 25, where they currently sit at AF#5; they carried a sub-100 PR Score for more weeks than any other team in the Association.  The Freaks finished the 2017 Regular Season with a disappointing 6-6-0 record in the Legion’s top-tier division, however 4 of those losses were by a margin of just 15.5 points combined, and 3 were to fellow Nominee Insane Clowney Posse.  They managed to qualify for the League’s Points Wid Card playoff slot with their 1st place season points total of 762 points – 14% higher than the 2nd place team and 41% higher than the league average.  They are currently tied for first place in the coveted Season Sacks Total.

Tigershark Dracula Fangs – the oddly named entry into the Associaon’s brand new Suicide Squad – Points Race League, the AF#5  Fangs have posted a Top 3 score in Week 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.  They also have the season’s highest single week score (288) in this Total Points League.  They moved into first place overall in Week 11, where they remain, with 2291 points going in to the final stretch of the season.





Note:  All records listed are current through Week 12.  All AF Rankings listed are current through Week 10