2015 Nominees

The 2015 AF Pro Bowl Nominees:

1 Eye Til I Die – An S-16 expansion team, 1 Eye has had unexpected success in the S-16, posting a 8-3-1 record in the S16 West.  They have never dropped below 5th overall in the league standings and have been a featured team in the Game of the Week, 5 times this season 

Arizona Firebirds – Amassing the 3rd highest total points score in the Super 16 to date this season, the Firebirds have had to spend the year fending off the S16 West against 3 talented expansion teams, but managed to do so with a 9-3-0 record, 4-1-0 in division play

Birds of Prey – Ending a 17 game regular season win-streak in week 11, by a margin of defeat of only 2 points by stat correction, the Birds of Prey (11-1-0) bounced back with a week 12 victory over arch-rival and fellow nominee Ice Cold Bruschis They have won the S16 South Division for the 4th year in a row and for the fourth consecutive season hold the S16’s #1 seed.  The odds on favorite for the league championship, it would be the Birds’ 3rd in 4 seasons

DashNSMASH – The League 28 standings leader, at 10-2-0, they are also the league’s total points leader by a margin of about 10% over the #2.  They have ranked either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in every AF Top 25 this season

Ice Cold Bruschis – At 9-3-0, their 3 losses by a combined point total of less than 50 points, the Bruschis have led the S16 in total points since week 2, their 9-2 record includes an 8 game win-streak in weeks 1-8, they are the 2015 S16 East Champions

jagger – 11-1-0 on the season, jagger has been 31 in AF’s Fantasy Circus standings in every single week this year untill their week 11 loss fellow nominee Pigs Island in week 11

Mexico City Warriors – An IFFL expansion team, the Warriors are 8-4-0 on the season, with only a 2 point week 1 loss preventing them from a sweep of the Western Conference, and are currently the total points leader in the League

monkeys on ecstacy – Currently the total points leader in the Fantasy Addicts, the monkeys have used the Addict’s week 10-13  ladder schedule to climb into first in the standings.  They have put up a 9-3 record this season, with 2 of their 3 losses coming against Pro Bowl nominee teams, including a 2 point loss to arch-rival On The Rox who they also have 60 point (WK 11) and  58 point (WK 12) wins against

New Orleans Black Hats – Dominating the Dixie League with a 41-13-1 record through series play (second place – 30-25-0), the Black Hats were the #1 or #2 scoring team in the Dixie in 8 of 11 weeks this season, and are the odds on favorites to sweep the Western League Championship as well as the DLCS

On The Rox – 9-3 on the season, including a stretch from week 1 to week 10 with only a single loss.  Rox has also led the Fantasy Addicts in total points scored until they were passed in week 11 by arch-rival and fellow nominee monkeys on ecstacy who are also responsible for two of Rox’s 3 losses.

Pigs Island Dawgs – Dropping 3 games in Round 1 of AF’s Fantasy Circus by a combined deficit of only 22.5 points, the Dawgs have gone on to win 7 of their last 8 games (including a 4-1 record for Round 2) by an average of over 32 points each

Public Enemy – Dominating the standings and both the interception (16) and sack (38) statistical categories in the Legion of Defense all season, the Enemy is 10-2-0, is number 1 in total points for the league at 719 for the season (2nd place is 537), and has been the LoD Defense of the Week 3 times

Sock Bandits – Having led AF’s Fantasy Circus through Round 1 in total points before being defeated by the ‘schedule monster’ and failing to advance to the next round, the Bandits’ VsL% .780 currently puts them at #1 on AF’s top 25

The Great Khalil -#1 on AF’s Top 25 for 5 weeks in a row, and never out of the top 10, Fantasy Addicts’ TGK is 8-4 so far on the season, including a 7 game winstreak, and still a shot at league #2 overall, 3 of their 4 losses have come against playoff teams, with 2 of 4 of them vs2 Pro Bowl nominees

Venice Killerwhales – Another expansion squad from the IFFL, Venice’s 8-4-0 record includes a win over fellow nominee Mexico City, 3-time league high score, 2-time league second to highest score, and the highest VsL% (.660) in the League

15 nominees


2016 Pro Bowl Voting Results

2015 voting results - ALTERNATE DISPLAY

* write-in candidate/votes

A total of 90 teams from all Associated Fantasy leagues were eligible to cast a ballot with 3 votes per ballot, however only 25 teams submitted a completed ballot, for a total of 75 votes (including 2 write-in votes for the Los Angeles Dragons – World League).  The vote totals are arranged above with all ties in the number of  votes received arranged in the order of the teams’ end-of-season VsL% (which is the tiebreaker for votes received).  If any of the elected Starters decline their invitation for the 2016 Pro Bowl Tournament, Alternate Teams will be extended an invitation for the declining team(s)’s slot in the order posted above.


2016 Starters

The 6 AF 2016 Pro Bowl Tournament Starters hail from 5 different Associated Fantasy leagues, and include 4 League Champions and 2 League Runners-up, they have a combined 2015 regular season record of 70-18-2, and have an average VsL% of .735%.  You can read more about them at the Pro Bowl Teams Page