AF Pro Bowl Tournament Page 2019


Associated Fantasy’s Pro Bowl Tournament is designed to honor the best teams of the season in all Associated Leagues with a tournament the following season for those teams to compete against each other in a best of the best format.  Teams are nominated  and voted on by 80 Association Teams, at the end of each season with the Top 6 receiving invitations to the Pro Bowl Tournament, held the following season.  The become Alternates, to take the place of teams that decline the invitation (Team Managers with more than one team in the top 6 can only accept 1 invitation.)

The AF Pro Bowl is a 6 team tournament between the best of the best, with two drafts and challenging low score settings, position minimum/maximums, and add/drop restrictions.   Teams play a 15 week regular season with each team will face every other team 3 times each in traditional  head to head battle for wins and losses in the standings, but will also be in standings races for scores against the league average, scores of their own starters vs bench, and for successfully picking NFL games.  The 2 teams at the top of these Aggregate Standings at the end of Week 15, face off head to head in the Pro Bowl Championship, a 2-week cumulative match with added starting positions and scoring bonuses, to determine who the very best of the best is.




The 2019 Starters were selected from these nominees

  • Super 16 Quarterfinalist (#2 seed), AF#15 (PR 272)
  • 10-4-0 Regular Season Record, 10-5-0 Overall
  • Broke League Season Scoring Record (2645) with  2,717 points
  • 2016 Pro Bowl Champion,  and 2018 Participant


  • IFFL Champion, AF#5 End of Season Rankings (PR 97)
  • 9-2-0 Regular Season Record
  • broke and set new IFFL single season scoring record
  • broke and set new IFFL records in total yardage and receiving yardage


  • World League Runner-Up (#2 seed), AF#13 (PR 197)
  • 9-4-0 Regular Season Record, 10-5-0 Overall
  • Season places Top 5 of all time in League history for Total Scoring
  • Dynasty format went from last in league to championship in single season turnaround
  • AF#1 End of Season Ranking (PR 50)
  • IFFL Runner-Up – lost championship by 12 points
  • 10-1-0 Regular Season Record
  • broke IFFL single season scoring record, plus single game scoring record in 6 individual games

  • AF Rookie
  • Dixie League Quarter-Finalist, AF#16 End of Season Ranking (PR 279)
  • 15-6-1 Regular Season, 158-1 Overall
  • broke and set Dixie League Single Season Scoring Record, broke Dixie League Single Season Touchdown Record, broke and/or set multiple weekly Touchdown and/or scoring records

  • Dixie League Champion, AF#4 End of Season Rankings (PR 97)
  • 15-7-0 Regular Season Record; 19-8-0 Overall
  • Second Consecutive Home Run Derby Champion (#Touchdowns Scored)
  • broke and set Dixie League Single Season Touchdown Record, broke Single Season Scoring Record, broke and/or set multiple weekly Touchdown and/or Scoring Records
    • Leatherheads Inaugural Season Champion, AF#6 End of Season Rankings (PR 113)
    • 11-3-0 Regular Season Record, 14-3-0 Overall
    • Leatherheads Scoring Leader


    • Fantasy Addicts Semi-Finalist (#1 seed), AF#9 (PR 150)
    • Regular Season Record 12-1-0 Overall 12-2-0
    • Placed second all time Addicts Single Season Scoring Record
    • Ranked #1 in league Weeks 1-13, played vs league #2 in every regular season game
    • Broke league records in single game scoring 3 times

    • World League Champions (#1 seed), AF#8 (PR 143)
    • 10-3-0 Regular season Record, 12-3-0 Overall
    • Broke League Regular Season Scoring Record
    • Broke and Set League Total Season Scoring Record – 1734.27 points os highest 16 week total in League history

    • Legion of Defense Champion (#1 seed), AF#2 (PR 78)
    • 10-2-0 Regular Season Record, 13-3-0 Overall
    • Led the league in total scoring (2 of last 3 years) and broke and set new record for Total Season IDP Sacks
    • Only 2 losses came from AF#11 Insane Clowney Posse
    • 2018 Pro Bowl Champion

    • Fantasy Addicts Champion, AF#7  (PR 118)
    • 7-6-0 Regular Season Record, 9-7-0 Overall
    • 5th highest season scoring record in league history
    • All 6 regular season Freaks losses were to the #1 monkeys, also only team to beat monkeys in regular season

    • Super 16 Champion, AF#3  (PR 83)
    • 12-1-0 Regular Season Record, 14-1-0 Overall
    • Broke League Season Scoring Record (2645) with new record of 2,998 points
    • Posted scores in 5 of 15 games that were in the League’s Top 20 of All Time, including 1 at #2 and 1 at #5