Tournament Rules

AF’s Pro Bowl Tournament

Tournament Rules

I     General

A.   These will serve to be the official rules for AF’s Pro Bowl Tournament

B.   For anything not covered in these rules, please refer to the League Settings page at League website;  League will be hosted on

C.   All arbitration of League Rules to be arbitrated solely by Tournament Coordinator (TC)

D.   TC may maintain their own team in the tournament, OR may be listed as a “Co-Owner” of a team, in the event TC is listed as a “Co-Owner” it will only be for the purposes of running the tournament and TC will have no actual control over the team they are Co-Owner of

E.   Should any unforeseen event arise not covered explicitly in the rules, TC will exercise final judgment

1.    Any TC judgment made outside of specified rules that involves TC’s team will cause TC’s team to be removed from Championship eligibility

2.   This rule applies ONLY if TC is a team owner.  If TC is a Co-Owner, that team will not be effected by this rule

F.   Tournament rules are subject to adjustment before entry fees have been paid, and will be marked ‘LOCKED’ once any changes are final

G.   If, for any reason, there is a discrepensy between rules listed in these rules and settings listed on the League Settings page of the host site, settings page will supercede

II     Fees/Payout

A.   Entry fee for AF’s Pro Bowl Tournament will be $50.00 (US) per team

B.   Payout will be $200.00 (US) for Tournament Champion (1st place); $100.00 (US) for Tournament Runner-up (2nd place)

C.   Entries and payouts will be handled through

D.   TC will set deadline for payment of entry fee once all participants have accepted their Pro Bowl Invitation

E.  Prize money will not be disbursed until the Friday following Week 17 of the NFL Regular Season

III     Entry

A.     The AF Pro Bowl is an “Invitational” Tournament

B.     Annually, during the season prior to the following season’s Pro Bowl Tournament, will nominate a group of teams from all AF Leagues and those teams will be designated as Pro Bowl Nominees

C.     Pro Bowl Voting Process

1. Voting on all Pro Bowl Nominees will take place through the website with all AF team owners eligible to cast one ballot per team

2. All ballots will allow voting teams to cast a vote for 3 individual Nominees, or 2 Nominees plus 1 write-in candidate.  Additionally, ballots from AF Registered Teams will have the option of casting a 4th vote (see below)

3. The 3 voting slots per ballot will be weighted so that the order of the ballot’s 3 selections (1st, 2nd, 3rd) count in a points system towards all teams’ Pro Bowl Vote Score for the selection process

a. Each ballot’s 1st selection will count as 1.5 points

b. The 2nd selection will count as 1 point

c. The 3rd selection will count as 0.5 points

d. A write-in selection will be valued at the value of the selection it replaces (1st, 2nd, or 3rd)

e. The “4th Vote” allowed to AF Registered Teams will carry the value of 1 point

4. The 6 teams with the highest Pro Bowl Vote Score by total points tabulation will be named Pro Bowl Starters and will be extended invitations to the Pro Bowl Tournament for the following season

D.     Pro Bowl Entry Process

1. AF Pro Bowl participants are required to register as AF Registered Coaches (if not already registered), they can do so at the Coach’s Registry, the process takes about 5 minutes and there is no fee

2. Should any of the top 6 teams decline to accept the invitation, alternate teams (Alternates), in order of votes received, will be given the opportunity to accept the vacant slot

3. If votes are tied between two or more teams (either Starters or Alternates), the tie breaker will be the teams’ end-of-season ranking as determined by the Association Stats Department and published on the AF Rankings Page

4. If more than one team managed by the same coach is voted a Pro Bowl Starter, the managing coach may only accept the invitation for one of the teams and the other(s) will be passed over in favor of an Alternate

5. Should the list of Alternates be exhausted because multiple team managers decline the invitation, slot will be filled at the discretion of Associated Fantasy

E.     Pick-’em Group

1.   In addition to joining the tournament/league on, all participating teams will be required to join the tournament’s “NFL Fantasy Weekly Pick-‘Em Group” (see below for more information)

IV     Scoring

A.     Offensive Scoring Settings

1. AF Pro Bowl will utilize the AF Century Offensive Scoring Set

B.     Team Defense/Special Teams Scoring Settings

1. AF Pro Bowl will utilize the AF Goaline Team Defense/Special Teams Scoring Set

C.     Individual Defensive Player (IDP) Scoring Settings

1. AF Pro Bowl will utilize the AF Canton IDP Scoring Set

D.     In any instances of conflict between above scoring formats and scoring values as displayed on the Tournament hosting site’s “Settings” page, scoring values as displayed on settings page shall prevail, and all scoring settings will be locked at a point in time prior to the start of the Tournament Drafts

V     Rosters

A.     Roster make-up for the Tournament 

1.   Rosters will be 22 players in total, including 11 starters, and an 11 player bench

2.   Position minimum/maximums will be in effect in such a way as to ensure every starting position has an equivalent bench position

a.     In other word, each team’s bench personel will mirror their starting personel by position

3.  Starters: 

  • 1 QB 
  • 1 RB
  • 2 WR
  • 1 TE
  • 1 K
  • 3 IDP FLEX

4.   Bench

  • 1 QB 
  • 1 RB
  • 2 WR
  • 1 TE
  • 1 K
  • 3 IDP FLEX

5.     Position Minimum/Maximums

  • QB2 minimum, 2 maximum
  • RB2 minimum, 4 maximum
  • WR4 minimum, 6 maximum
  • TE2 minimum, 4 maximum
  • K2 minimum, 2 maximum
  • DEF2 minimum, 2 maximum
  • DE0 minimum, 6 maximum
  • LB0 minimum, 6 maximum
  • DB0 minimum, 6 maximum


a. FLEX positions by starter or bench (offensive and defensive) are not required to match precisely by position, but only by possible position.  Position minimum maximums are set to allow for rosters to be stocked with any possible position for flex both on bench and as starter.

-1-   EXAMPLE:  Teams are required to start 3 IDP FLEX players and to have 3 additional IDP FLEX players on their bench.  DE, LB, and DB position minimum maximums are set to 0/6 for each position so that any combination of DE, LB, DB can be used for the 6 positions (starter and bench) without necessarily mirroring between the starters and the bench.

VI    Draft

A.     The Tournament will hold a two-part draft

1.  The Auction Draft

a. The Auction Draft will be the first draft of the tournament to be held

b. The Auction will be live, online, at a date and time TBD and will be an 11 round, open (not blind) auction in which all players that are elligible to be drafted

c. Nomination order will be based on Pro Bowl Vote Score (highest to lowest)

d. Budget for the draft will be 300 Units

e. Starting roster positions only will be filled out in the Auction Draft – bench positions will not be in effect for Auction Draft

2.   The Bench Draft

a. The Bench Draft will be the second draft of the Tournament and will be held live and online at a date and time TBD between the Auction Draft and the start of the season

b. Draft will be 11 rounds in length, for the purposes of filling 11 bench slots

c. Draft will be serpentine style (6-1, 1-6, 6-1, …..) with draft order being based on Pro Bowl Vote Score (highest to lowest)

d. Players taken in the first draft will be off the board

e. Tournament position limits will be in effect (SEE Section V.A.5) so that teams will, in effect, be drafting to correspond to the starting positions

f. Following the conclusion of the Draft, Free Agents will follow Waiver Rules, and Transaction Counts will be in effect

VII     Free Agency/Waivers/Trades/Add-Drop Transactions

A.   Waivers setting will be ‘revolving waivers, move to last after successful claim’

1.   Waiver period will be 2 days

2.   Players lock at individual game time

3.   Initial Waiver Priority Order will be set to inverse of the draft order

B.   Teams will be allowed a maximum of twenty (20) add-drop transactions per regular season

C.   Trades are allowed and will not count against transaction limits

1.    Week 12 Trade Deadline will be in effect

D.   There is no IR slot/Reserve included on the roster, HOWEVER, should a player on any team’s roster be placed either on the NFL’s Season-Ending IR List OR the NFL’s Designated-To-Return IR List, that player may be replaced by the Tournament team through an add-drop transaction and the TC will adjust their transaction count so that the move does not count toward their 10 total transactions

VIII     Regular Season

A.   The Regular Season for the Tournament will be Weeks 1-15

B.   Teams will accrue weekly Wins, Losses, and Ties (W-L-T) in 4 individual categories, which will generate the teams’ Aggregate W-L-T Record (SEE Section IX)

C.   The Aggregate W-L-T Record will have a maximum combination of 60 wins, losses, or ties and at the conclusion of Week 15, the two teams with the best Aggregate Record will advance to the Tournament Championship (SEE Section X Tournament Championship) (for Aggregate Standings Tiebreakers, SEE Section XI Tiebreakers)

IX    Aggregate Standings

A.   The Aggregate W-L-T Record will replace the traditional W-L-T standings record and will have a maximum combination of 60 wins, losses, or ties for a complete Regular Season.

Tournament teams will accrue a total of 4 weekly Wins, Losses, and Ties (W-L-T) in the following 4 individual categories in weeka 1-15 which will combine to form their Aggregate Record:

a.   Game W-L-T

b.   Bench W-L-T

c.   Points W-L-T

d.   Pick-’em W-L-T

B.     Game W-L-T Standings

1.   Teams will play a triple round robin schedule of traditional head to head matches in weeks 1-15 in which every team will play every other team exactly three times

2.   Teams will accrue 1 Win, Loss, or Tie each week (1-15) in these match-ups in traditional fantasy football scoring

3.   The Wins, Losses, and Ties earned in these weekly match-ups will form one fourth of a team’s Aggregate W-L-T Record

C.     Bench W-L-T Standings

1.   Each team’s bench roster will be a mirror of their starting roster in regards to position (SEE Section V  Rosters)

2.   In each week’s head to head match-ups, teams’ starting roster will not only be competing against their opponent’s starting roster, but also against their own bench

3.   Each week (1-15) teams will recieve 1 Win, Loss, or Tie based on head to head scoring between their starting line-up and their bench, with starting line-up acting as their ‘team’ and their bench acting as their ‘opponent’

4.   The Wins, Losses, and Ties earned weekly by these starter vs bench match-ups will form one fourth of a team’s Aggregate W-L-T Record

D.     Points W-L-T Standings

1.   Each team’s weekly starting roster score will be compared to the tournament scoring average to produce 1 Win, Loss, or Tie per week per team

2.   The tournament scoring average used for comparison will be the season to-date average of all weekly scores of all starting rosters of all teams of all weeks current at the time of comparison up to and including the score being compared

3.   The Wins, Losses, and Ties earned weekly by rating teams’ scores against the tournament scoring average will form one fourth of a team’s Aggregate W-L-T Record

E.     Pick-’em W-L-T Standings

1.   In addition to joining the tournament/league on, all participating teams will be required to join the tournament’s “NFL Fantasy Weekly Pick-‘Em Group”

2.   Teams will make their picks weekly and the total of their correctly predicted game results will be compared to that week’s tournament average for correctly predicted game results to generate 1 Win, Loss, or Tie per week for each team

3.   The tournament average for correctly predicted game results will be weekly and based only on picks made in the given week being compared; further, no allowances, special consideration, or implicit rules will apply to circumstances involving ‘unmade picks’ either as that applies two individual teams’ Pick-’em Standings, or to how those unmade picks might affect the pick-’em Standings

4.   The Wins, Losses, and Ties earned weekly by rating teams’ pick-’em scores against the league average of pick-’em scores for that week will form one fourth of a team’s Aggregate W-L-T Record


XIII    Playoffs/Championship Game

A.     In lieu of a traditional playoff format, the Tournament will culminate in a single, two-week Championship Game in Weeks 16 and 17

B.     The first and second place teams by Aggregate Standings (see Tiebreakers), will qualify for the 2 Championship spots

C.     The Championship Game

1.   Add/Drop Transaction Limits will be removed for the Championship Game; waiver settings will remain in place

2.  The positions of QB2, RB/WR/TE FLEX2, RB/WR/TE FLEX3, and IDP FLEX4 will be added to the starting rosters for the Championship Game

3.  Aggregate Standings rules (Bench W-L-T, Points W-L-T, Pick-’em W-L-T) will not be used for the Championship Game

4.  Teams WILL continue to make Pick-’em selections, and each correct pick in both week 16 and 17 will be converted to 1 game point on the Championship Game scoreboard

5.   Championship Game will be held in weeks 16 and 17 with points being cumulative in both weeks so that the highest two week score (plus Pick-’em point conversions – See Section XIII;C.4.) will be declared the winner (see Tiebreakers)

D.     The winner of the Championship Game will receive the 1st place ($200) payout, and the loser of the Championship will receive the runner-up/2nd place ($100) payout

XIV     Tiebreakers

A.     Ties (except for the Championship Game) are allowed and will be factored into teams’ Aggregate W-L-T Standings 

B.     Standings Tiebreakers for determining the two teams to participate in the Championship Game are as follows (NOTE: “points” refers to Starting Roster Points):

1.   Total Season Points

2.   Head to Head Cumulative Points

3.  Total, combined Offensive FLEX Position Points in head to head games

4.   Total, combined Offensive FLEX Position Points in Weeks 1-15

5.   Total, combined kicking points in head to head matches

6.   Total, combined kicking points in Weeks 1-15

7.    Total, combined TEAM DEF points in head-to-head matches

8.   Total, combined TEAM DEF points in Weeks 1-15

9.   Team owning single, highest scoring (fantasy points, tournament scoring) player based on to date season total

10.  Coin Flip

C.     Tiebreaker for the Championship Game

1.   Competing teams’ regular season head-to-head W-L record (best of 3); if one of those meetings is a tie, and the other two are a split, then…

2.   Week 16 and 17 combined Pick-’em Score (1 point per correct pick)

3.   Week 16 and 17 combined total touchdowns scored (all starters)

4.   Longest Field Goal made by starting Kicker in Week 16 and 17 combined

5.   Week 16 and 17 total combined QB score

6.   Week 16 and 17 total combined Offensive FLEX Position Points

7.   Week 16 and 17 total combined Defensive FLEX position Points

8.   Highest score by single player (any position) in either Week 16 or 17

9.   Total offensive yardage (passing, rushing, receiving) generated by all starters, Weeks 16 and 17 combined

10.  If still tied after first 9 tiebreakers, draw is declared and prize money is split evenly