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Designed to be the Everest of fantasy football tournaments, with the best of the best of fantasy managers, where the competition is the fiercest and the rules are the most challenging, the Associated Fantasy Pro Bowl Tournament kicked off in the 2016 season, taking the Associated Fantasy team managers’ selections of the best AF teams of 2015 and pitting them against each other in a star-studded tournament.  After their sucessful 2015 campaigns, 15 teams from AF Leagues were selected as Pro Bowl Nominees, and the 6 teams that received the most votes, were named Pro Bowl Starters and extended invitations to the Tournament, with the remaining teams serving as Alternates.   After a brutal competition in a format full of special rules and strategic options to navigate, the Coach Roger Tripp‘s Birds of Prey, representing the Super 16 emrged victorious as the Association’s first ever Pro Bowl Champion.  After a hiatus in the 2016/17 season, the AF Pro Bowl Tournament will be back in 2018, with nominees and team voting taking place in the 2017 season to determine which Association teams are invited.  Look for the ballots to be out after Week 10 of the 2017 fantasy season.

Info Box

AF Pro Bowl participants are required to register as AF Registered Coaches, they can do so at the Coach’s Registry, the process takes about 5 minutes and there is no fee


To give you a better idea of the excitement involved with the AF Pro Bowl Tournament, here’s the introduction letter the participating 2016 teams received: 

Introduction Letter To 2016 Participating Teams