2016 Starters

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2016 Pro Bowl Starters


Birds of PreyGarnering 16% of the total vote in the inaugural AF Pro Bowl vote, the Birds of Prey is the big dog in the tournament.  The 2015 winner of the Super Bowl IV in the Super – 16, is currently the winningest team across all Associated Fantasy leagues.  The Birds have a 40-12-0 (6-1) lifetime record, having lost only 12 regular season games in 4 years, and have never lost a head-to-head playoff match.  They have won 3 of the 4 championships in the Super 16‘s history, as well as 4 consecutive division titles and have been the league’s #1 seed in every one of their seasons.  In 2015, they lost their Week 11 match-up by a margin of only 2 points after a post-game stat correction – it was their first loss in 18 consecutive regular season games going back to Week 6 of 2014.  To build on that, they also won 9 of 11 before that, giving them a stretch through the 2014 and ’15 seasons where they won 26 of 29 games – the 3 losses were by a combined point defecit of only 14 points.  They ranked 5th in the final AF Top 25 of 2015 with a .740 VsL% 128-66-1 (59-1)


public enemy logo lrgrSecond place in Pro Bowl voting with 11%, Public Enemy was second to none on the year’s final AF Top 25, ending the 2015 season ranked  #1among all90 qualifying teams in Associated Fantasy leagues, finishing with a .820 VsL% (100-32-0 (56-3)  Their 10-2 regular season was the best in the Legion of Defense, with 1 of their 2 losses by just 1 point.  They wnet through the Legion’s Championship Tournament round robin handily, qualifying for the Legion Bowl which they won by a devestating 105-31.  The Enemies dominated just about every statistical category in the LoD in 2015, including the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th highest scores of the year; Legion teams only eclipsed the 100 point mark 5 times, and 4 of those times it was Public Enemy.  In addition to the Golden Skull Trophy they picked up for the Legion Championship, they won 4 Defense of the Week Awards, the Defense of the Year Award, the Sack Leader Award, the Interception Leader Award, and the Defensive Scoring Award.  They broke the league record for most IDP sacks in a game with 6 in Week 2 (which they matched again in Week 10), broke it again with 6.5 in Week 7, and then broke the record once more with 8 in the Legion Bowl.  They twice came within 1 interception of the league’s single game interception record, tied the league’s single game defensive scoring record, and, with 72 season defensive scoring points, blew away the previous league record of 54


monkeys on ecstacy - thin2015 champion in AF’s flagship Fantasy Addicts league and 3rd overall in Pro Bowl voting is monkeys on ecstacy.  While they only sport a misleading 9-4-0 regular season record, they played 4 of those matches against another Pro Bowl team, winning in 2 of the 4, and were 6th overall in Associated Fantasy‘s final 2015 ranking of 90 qualifying teams, with a season VsL% of .720 (79-38-0 [18-0]), and in addition to winning the 2015 Addicts Championship, also won Addict’s defensive scoring title for the season, the Defense of the Year Award and posted the highest season points total for the consecutive year.  It is their second Addicts Championship in four seasons, with four playoff appearances in the same span, with a 5-2 lifetime playoff record, and an all-time record of 42-18.  The monkeys hold nearly half the records in the Fantasy Addicts record books, including the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th positions on the single game scoring list, and an 18 game regular season winning streak that lasted from Week 5 of 2013 to Week 9 of 2014


 On The Rox2The majority of the records in the Fantasy Addicts league that aren’t held by monkeys on ecstacy, or held by On The Rox, the 4th 2016 Pro Bowl starter, and the second team in the innaugural year of the Tournament to come out of the Addicts league.  Tied for fourth in the voting, Rox comes in ahead of the 5th team by virtue of their end-of-2015 Vsl%, coming in 10th overall of 90 qualifying teams in AF’s Week 17 Top 25 with a .710 (77-40-0 (16-2) record.  They posted a 10-3-0 record in 2015, winning the regular season and ladder schedule in the Addicts, and split 2 games to 3 with fellow Pro Bowl team monkeys on ecstacy, having played them an unprecedented 5 times including in the Addicts Championship game.  They lost that Championship Game to the monkeys, and are still searching for their first Addicts League Championship.  Despite having an all time record of 38-19, Rox is only 2-4 in league post season play.  Still, they have finished as a League top 3 in 3 of 4 years, won the regular season twice, and in 2015, were the League’s Offense of the Year.


 jaggerHailing from AF‘s upstart league, the Fantasy Circus in their inaugural season is the league’s 2015 Ringmaster:  jagger.  The League Champion was the main attraction under the big top in 2015, going 13-1-0 through the regular season, rocking out a first place seeding through both Round 1 and Round 2, they followed up that stadium tour with a 2-1 run through the Championship Round for an incredible 15-2 total record to kick of their first season in the books.  jagger also led the Circus in scoring and total WAB points earned all season long until suffering a 10 point outing in Week 17, and dropped to second place once they already had the title locked up. They placed at 19th overall on the final rankings list of 2015 (of 90 qualifying teams) with a VsL% of .650 (101-53-0 (5-4)


New Orleans Black HatsIn the Dixie League, the New Orleans Black Hats coasted into the Dixie League Championship Series, heavily favored after posting a 2015 divisional record of 12-1-1 and an equally impressive record of 41-13-1 in double-header series play, but the Dixie Cup eluded the Black Hats for the second consecutive season (playing as the New Orleans Breakers in 2014), losing an upset sweep in two games.  Besides the back-to-back championship losses, the New Orleans squad also lost in the quater finals of the 2013 season.  Though without a Championship in their trophy case, they have a lifetime win percentage of .710 stretching across 5 seasons of play under 3 different rules formats.  The ended 2015 with a VsL% of .770 (41-13-1 (21-4) to rank 4th overall of all 90 Associated Fantasy teams .