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Designed to be the Everest of fantasy football tournaments, where the competition is fiercest and the rules are the most challenging, the Associated Fantasy Probowl Tournament is set to kick off for the 2016 season, taking your selections of the best AF teams of 2015 and pitting them against each other in a star-studded tournament.  After their sucessfull 2015 campaigns, 15 teams from AF Leagues were selected as Pro Bowl Nominees, to be voted on by their peers,  the teams of all AF leagues.  The 6 teams that received the most votes, have been named Pro Bowl Starters and have been extended invitations to the Tournament, with the remaining teams serving as Alternates.  The tournament will feature AF Classic rosters coupled with AF Milestone scoring to increase the difficulty level, along with AF IDP3 individual defensive player rosters and AF Canton defensive scoring.   Making the tournament even more of a challenge, not only will it feature the best of the best going head-to-head, but teams will operate with a bench that’s only 4 players deep and a limit of just 10 transactions for the season.  There’s also the added twist of teams having the oportunity to bring players from their team’s 2015 All Pro season to their tournament team.  After a brutal triple round robin schedule, sure to separate the competitors like a battle royal, the top two teams – the absolute best of the best of the best – will then face each other in a multi-week Tournament Championship for the glory, the prestige, and most importantly, the money.

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