2018 Pro Bowl Voting Results

AF Pro Bowl -The teams of the Association have cast their ballots and their votes have been counted, naming the starters for AF’s 2019 Pro Bowl Tournament, and it’s looking like next year’s tournament is going to be another exciting best of the best competition, featuring a slate of teams, each with an outstanding 2018 season resume, as the top 6 teams in the vote scoring have been selected by their peers to compete for the honor of Association Champion.  The starters for the 2019 tournament have a combined league record of 57-17-0 for this past season, and will include the 2018 Pro Bowl Tournament Champion.

Voting was open to all 8o AF League teams who cast ballots with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd selections.  It was a weighted ballot with 1st counting for 2 points, 2nd counting for 1.5 points, and 3rd counting for 1 point, with the top 6 scores being named starters (tiebreaker for scores was final AF Ranking for the 2018 season).  Voter turnout this year was 49% (39 of 80), up from last year’s 42%, with the Super 16 league having the highest rate of voting members (11/16-69%).  The 6 Starters for the 2019 Tournament will receive official invitations, and teams that choose to decline the invitation will be replaced by alternate teams in order of total vote score.  Although subject to updating before the start of the tournament, teams can check out the Tournament Rules for next year’s Pro Bowl Tournament to prepare themselves for what is not only designed to be a competition of the best teams in the Association, but also the toughest fantasy football tournament around.

The Association would like to congratulate all of this year’s nominees on their excellent 2018 seasons, with a special congratulations to our 6 Starters on being recognized by their peers as most deserving for this honor.