2018 Final Rankings

TOP 25 – The numbers are all in and have all been calculated for the Associated Fantasy 2018 Season….all of the numbers – total wins, share of wins, percent of league scoring, consistency of performance, cumulative coach rating, and all of the other data that goes into producing our Power Rank (PR) score from the very first kick off of Week 1 to the final whistle of the 2018 season – have been tabulated and the IFFL’s Hawaiian Beach Bums have been named the Overall #1 Team of the 2018 season among the Association’s 80 active league franchises.

Hawaii’s 2018 campaign was nothing short of legendary.  They lost only once through the regular season and obliterated the IFFL‘s single season scoring record of 3,280 season points with a total 3,980.  Despite stumbling in their final regular season game, and then again in their Division Championship Match, they had put themselves into position to seize their league’s Points Wild Card Spot, where they exploded through the semi-finals and made it into the IFFL Championship Exposition.  The Beach Bums faltered again, in the final, falling just 12 points short of ultimate glory in the 407-419 two-week match against AF#5 Cardiff Crusaders.  Still, because of the cumulative nature of the Association‘s rankings metric, Hawaii had put up numbers substantial enough throughout the season to finish with an incredible PR Score of 50, beating out every League Champion in the Association and securing the AF#1 Ranking for the 2018 season.

The Champions of the 7 current Association LeaguesSuspension Freaks, WRATH OF ODIN, Kokomo Kings, Cardiff Crusaders, Kokomo Kings (LFC), Suspension Freaks XL, and Old England Patriots – finish 2018 lined up and ranked AF#2-AF#8, the first time that has happened since the Association began ranking across league bounderies, as well as the first time that two coaches have won championships in multiple leagues in the same season, happening twice in 2018 with the Freaks and the Kings.  Coming in at AF#9 is the Fantasy Addicts’ monkeys on ecstasy, who also had a phenomenal season, with multiple scoring records broken.  The monkeys went 12-1-0 through the Addicts’ Special Addition Ladder Schedule regular season, staying in #1 from Week 1-Week 13, meaning they faced the league #2 team 13 times and in 13 games lost only once.  Unfortunately for the monkeys, on a quest for their 3rd league championship, they came up 12 points short in the semi-final game and were one and done or else they may have given the Beach Bums a run for the AF#1 spot.  Rounding out the 2018 Final Top 10 is Legion of Defense Runner-Up Sleeper Agent with a PR score of 177, just barely sliding past Legion rival Insane Clowney Posse (PR 189) for that last top 10 spot.

A league Championship does not neccessarily insure a higher ranking – as evidenced by Hawaii – but because of the way post season data is recorded, the further a team moves through their respective league playoffs, the higher they will manage to get themselves ranked.   In compiling the stats for leagues through their playoff period, playoff wins are calculated at 2x regular season wins and playoff losses are calculated equal to a regular season win.  Teams with a playoff bye week because of top seeding are given credit for half of a playoff win, and scoring credit that places them ahead of playoff teams without a bye.  Teams in leagues that utilize two-week matches are scored as though each week of the match were a single game, and teams that win championships prior to week 17 are given credit for a playoff bye through those post championship weeks.  Non playoff teams and teams eliminated from the playoffs (in the following week) are given weekly scoring credit for 0.0 points, 0 wins, and their regular season average for coach rating through the playoff period.

The Association Staff would like to congratulate Coach Christopher and his Hawaiian Beach Bums on their acheivement, and also to all coaches that made it into the Top 25.  With the planned league expansion next season, it’s going to be harder than ever for teams to stand out, but the cream always rises.  Check out the Full Top 25 here and detailed rankings for all 80 Associated League Teams here.