World Bowl 7

World Bowl 7

Stockholm, Sweden

Week 16, 2018

Edmonton vs Old England

AF#11 Association Rank AF#9

#2 League Rank #1

9-4-0 Record 10-3-0

41-51-0 All Time 63-36-0

5-4-0 Head To Head 4-5-0

Week 4, 2012

W   84.94


Week 8, 2013

W 114.28


Week 8, 2014


145.56   W

Wild Card Game

 Week 14, 2014




173.60   W

Week 8, 2015

W  119.17


Week 8, 2016

W    95.39


Week 8, 2017


118.09   W

Week 12, 2017


110.57   W

Week 3, 2018

W    96.97


Over/Under: 185

Latest Line:

City of Champions +1

Flags are already whipping in the breeze outside of Stockholm’s Friends Arena, site of the World League’s 2018 World Bowl 7 where the 2017 World Champion Scandinavian Stars will be hosting this year’s World Championship.  The AF#9 Old England Patriots (10-3-0) may have a slightly larger fanbase in town, but there’s a sizable contingent of Canadian fans on hand as well at the sold out venue, rooting for their cinderella AF#11 City of Champions Rollers (9-3-0).  The pair of teams have clearly demonstrated that they were the best in their respective Eastern and Western Conferences throughout the season, and this match-up looks like it may be one of the most competitive World Bowls in recent memory, with City of Champions just 1 point favorites in the latest line coming out of Monte Carlo’s betting centers and 1 and a half point favorites in Vegas.  When the pair faced off in week 3, on the front end of this season, City of Champions came out on top just 96-91, pulling ahead in the all time series between the two by 5 games to 4.

The last time the Patriots were here, they lost the Eastern Conference Championship Game to Scandinavia, ending their 2017 campaign, while CoC found more success in their last visit to the Arena, beating the Stars on their home turf in Week 7 of this season.  Old England avenged their loss with their own win against Scandinavia at home this year, but the big stage of this Championship will determine whether or not the building still holds ghosts for the Eastern Confernece Champs to excise.  The keys to this game include how well England’s talented trio of receivers – DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, and Keenan Allen – can perform.  Ranked #5, #9, and #13 in the league coming into the match, they’ve faded some down the stretch from when all three were ranked top 5 in the league earlier in the season, and there are still questions about whether Allen and Hopkins, both nursing injuries, will be able to suit up or how effective they will be.  On the other side of the field, City of Champions’ will be trying to keep this from being a shoot-out, slowing things down with their running game, featuring halfbacks Dalvin Cook and rookie #1 overall pick Saquan Barkely, along with flexback Jordan Howard.  The Rollers will need their running game to be more effective than the Patriot’s 3rd ranked Alvin Kamara who’s been less explosive in the latter part of the season.

Lots will be resting on the shoulders of these teams’ signal callers, as City of Champions’ franchise QB Drew Brees has seemed to struggle over the last few weeks, and questions surrounding his age and effectiveness are starting to surface.  England, meanwhile, will be starting Lamar Jackson, who overtook their franchise team captain Matt Ryan on the depth chart late in the season.  It’ll be the biggest stage the rookie has ever played on, and a lot rests on both his arm and his legs in this one.   Defense has been an issue for both clubs over the last few weeks, ranked 3rd and 7th in the league, but inconsistant as of late, a lot will be riding on how effective either team will be on that side of the ball.  England and Edmonton match-up so evenly in this contest, a handful of plays over the weekend and one or two players that manage to bring that ‘X Factor’ are going to be what decides the game.  Both of these clubs are charter league members, but neither has ever won an Atlas Trophy, and it’s the first ever championship appearance for City of Champions, while England has not appeared since losing to Mexico in World Bowl 2 in 2013.  Fans should be in for a real treat this weekend, so grab some popcorn and hold on.