Big Dogs

BIGDOGINTEX is headed to their first ever post season appearance after beating division foe Who Dat Saints in their season finale

SUPER 16 – Playoff seeding in the Super 16 hangs in the balance awaiting the results of the week 13 regular season finale between Pennsylvania rivals AF#19 Steel Curtain (8-4-1) and Eagle has landed (5-7-1), all tied up 216-216 and headed into the fantasy overtime of stat corrections.  What isn’t in question however, is the lineup of teams for the post season which will include 5 playoff veterans along with BIGDOGINTEX (8-5-0) in their first ever playoff appearance as the #6 seeded Wild Card after they held on to a late comeback attempt by division rival and #5 seeded AF#11 Who Dat Saints (8-5-0).  The Big Dogs completed the upset win, 178-158, to cap off the most successful season in franchise history and build a little momentum going into their Wild Card Game against a yet to be determined opponent.

Odin and BoP will enjoy Week 14 first round byes as the 2018 playoffs get underway.

Securing the #1 and #2 seeds prior to Week 13, AF#4 WRATH OF ODIN (12-1-0) and AF#14 Birds of Prey (10-3-0) will both have a Week 14 bye after finishing out their 2018 regular season campaigns with wins for some momentum going into the playoffs.  The #3 and #4 seeds, however are in limbo, awaiting the final outcome of the Steel Curtain-Eagle tie.  As it stands, West Division Champion 1 EYe Til I Die (9-4-0) currently holds the #3 seed and is set to host the Big Dogs this Wild Card weekend, but Steel Curtain, with the East Division title and the #4 seed could exchange places with the 1 eyed bandits should a stat correction change their tie to a win.  At the moment, the Steelers franchise is scheduled to face the league’s Saints franchise who entered the league with Steel Curtain in 2016, both teams having made the playoffs in 3 consecutive seasons since.

If the Steel Curtain-Eagle tie is corrected to a Steeler victory, they will overtake 1 Eye on tiebreakers, moving into the #3 seed and relegating the Raider franchise to the #4 seed.  1 Eye fans are restless and uneasy, after already having had to perservere through their team’s playoff fortunes being changed both by a stat correction vs Steel

Steel Curtain and Eagle has landed finish the 2018 Regular Season stuck in a 218-218 tie game that will head into fantasy overtime. (CLICK for Gamecenter)

Curtain (Immaculate Stat Correction) and by a tie game (The Tie Game) against the now defunct Los Angeles Super Chargers.  If Steel Curtain moves up to #3, 1 Eye will drop to #4 to take on the Who Dat squad that slaughtered them, 289-193 in Week 10 of this year.  Steel Curtain, conversely, beat the Saints 222-171 this regular season, but lost to BIGDOGINTEX, in a 283-156 blood bath.  If Eagle has landed comes away with a stat corrected week 13 victory over their black and yellow rivals, nothing will change except for Steel Curtain’s final 2018 regular season record.  The NFL requires all stat corrections to be finalized by 12 noon EDT on Thursday of each week, so the league will be waiting until just hours before the playoffs start to find out who will be playing who.  In week 15, Odin will face the lowest seeded team to advance through the Wild Card Games, while the Birds will take on the higher of the two winners.