Legion: Week 10 Battlefield Dispatch from Nexecutioner

LEGION – We’re 3 weeks into the intra-divisional part of the schedule in the Legion of Defense, which means we’re just 3 weeks away from the explosive conclusion to the Battle of 2018‘s regular season.  Under the Legion’s new format, teams in the two divisions are playing a ladder schedule in the divisional portion of the fight, with teams matched weekly based on their divisional standings.  This means that the top two teams in each division are forced to do battle with each other weekly, and the format has meant some big match-ups in the Gladiator Division and some major shuffling of the standings in the Centurians.  If you’ve missed any of the action over the last 3 weeks, Nexecutioner’s battlefield report will bring you up to speed as we charge toward the post season.

Gladiators Main Event Rundown: Freaks Stay Undefeated

Week 7

The Gladiator Division’s #1, Suspension Freaks (9-0-0) went into week 7’s matchup with division #2 Insane Clowney Posse (6-3-0) with gusto; the Freaks being the AF#4 and the Clowns the AF#9. The Freaks put up an insane total of 84 points, headlined by their young guns of Myles Garrett (21 points) and Bradley Chubb (19 points) along with their Colts defense (24 points).

Week 8

The following week looked like it would be much of the same as week 7 in the Clowns vs Freaks matchup; Freaks were ranked AF#5 and the Clowns were AF#8.  Going into Monday’s game the Clowns needed their last starting player, Patriot linebacker Kyle Van Noy to score 21.5 points, for the comeback.  It was excellent scouting, as Van Noy, who had only 24 points on the year, put up an amazing performance, making Freaks fans nervous and Clowns fans anxious late into monday night.  All for naught, however, as Van Noy finished with just 19 points, and the Freaks won by the score of 63-61.  Carlos Dunlap led the Freaks in scoring, also with 19 points.

Week 9

Suspension Freaks pushed one rival out of the premier match after consecutive victories over the Clowns, only for another to take his place.  Sleeper Agent (5-4-0) – a rivalry that predates both franchises enlistment in the Legion – were on a 2 game winning streak with 2 back to back Defense of the Week Awards, but ranked just AF#42, were looking to be the Freaks biggest threat. The Freaks were led by their linemen, Everson Griffen (11.5 points) and Myles Garrett (10.0 points), winning 51-34, although the Clowns took Defense of the Week honors in their victory over The Cavalry.  Sleeper Agent’S Aaron Donald put up 13 points in the main event, and is having a good season after a very slow start.

Centurions Main Event Rundown: Next Man Up

Week 7

At the start of the intra-divisional schedule, Chinese Bandits were the division #1 whilelegion rookie Roxteady was the #2; both were 3-3-0, but Rox was the only one of the two to be ranked in the AF Top 25, coming in at AF#14; both teams knew going into this game that a loss would move them down the standings in a big way. The Bandits fell flat footed in the match, only scoring 32.5 points, led by 11 points from their Panther Defense, they simply couldn’t keep up with Roxteady’s Dee Ford or their Texan Defense who scored 31 points just on their own in the 62-32 Roxteady victory.

Week 8

After their Week 7 win, Rox took control of the division #1, and after defeating Gates of Delirium 48-22 in week 7, the defending champ Mighty Pats got a chance at Roxteady in week 8.  The Pats’ fingerless wonder, JPP put up 16 points, and their 49ers put up another 17 for the reigining champs, but they still fell just short 51-56 as Roxteady got some huge prduction from star linebacker Dee Ford (27 points) who led the team in scoring.  Rox was ranked AF#13 going into the game, and would move up two points in the week on the strength of the win.

Week 9

In week 7 the Battering Rams were relegated to the 5th vs 6th divisional seed game, but by week 9 they are fighting for the top of the division; man the Centurion division sure is WILD!  The Rams were on a 2 game winning streak without scoring more than 40 points in a single game, and the formula worked out for them again as they upset Roxteady by a 35.5-33 score.  Led by linebacker Jayon Brown (10 points) the Rams steal the game despite leaving 33 points on the bench from their Dolphin defense and its 4 sack, 4 interception day.  Nonetheless, now 5-4-0, the win cemented their spot in the Centurian main event for another week.

ALL IDP LEGION TEAM (Thru week 9):

Team Defense Week 9 Snapshot:

Flying Under The Radar

BIGDOGINTEXbludgeoned the riegning champ Mighty Pats, 94-37, on opening day, collecting the Defense of the Week Award and then proceeded to drop their next 4 games in a row.  Then, starting the divisional round in week 7 in the 5th/6th seed game with a 2-4-0 record, the Texas Dogs have posted 4 wins in a row (3 in division) over Sacks Fifth Avenue (74-36) and then Gotta Big D  efense (67-63, 50-41, and 52-21), to get to 5-4-0 and 4th in the league in total scoring.  They have leapfrogged The Cavalry into the 3rd/4th seed game facing Sleeper Agent in week 10 in what will be a season defining game.  Sleeper Agent and The Cavalry are both 5-4-0 as well, making a week 10 win more important for all 3 of them toward securing a playoff spot that isn’t required to play on Wild Card weekend.

What an Effort!!! Top 5 Single Week Totals from an IDP:

#5:   Week 5 TJ Watt (Clowns) VS Atlanta : 3 sacks 3 TFL, 1 Frc Fumble, 5 QB hits. 30 points

T#3: Week 1 Von Miller (Dogs) VS Seattle: 3 sacks,3 TFL, 2 Frc Fumble, 1 Fumble Rec, 4 QB Hits. 35 Points

T#3: Week 4 Jadeveon Clowney (Clowns) VS Indy: 2 Sacks, 4 TFL, 1 Fumble Rec, 4 QB hits 35 points

#2:   Week 9 Danielle Hunter (Clowns)  VS Detroit: 3.5 Sacks, 3 TFL, 1 Fumble Rec, 1 Fumble TD, 4 QB hits. 38.5 points

#1:   Week 7 Aaron Donald(Agents) VS San Fran: 4 Sacks, 6 TFL, 1 Frc Fumble, 1 Fuble Rec, 5 QB hits. 39 points

Top DB performance:

Week 4 Antone Exum (Gates) Vs LAC: 1 Int, 1 INT TD 3 Pass Deflections 22 points.

Week 10:

The upcoming week of games – 3rd to final of the regular season – has the AF# 2 9-0-0 Freaks, once ,more vs the 6-3-0 Clowns, with the Clowns hoping the third time will be the charm to break the Freaks’ season long win streak, but they have 3 regular starters – Hunter, Clowney, and Harrison Smith – all on bye; the Freaks have Griffen and Chubb on bye as well.  There are 2 battles of 5-4 teams taking place, the Agents/Bigdog match and the Rox/Rams rematch.  Roxteady has a myriad of bye’s to deal with, from JJ Watt, Todd Davis, Jon Joseph, Tavon Young, and also their Texan Defense while the Battering Rams have their full team available.

In the Gladiator Division mathc-up, BIGDOGINTEX will be missing Von Miller in this key matchup, with Eric Kendricks also on bye; The Agents have Suggs and Jefferson on bye.  Mighty Pats and Gate Of Delirium need a winning streak to start this week to get them back into the race for the top of the Centurions leader board, The Pats only will be missing Tyrann Mathieu, with the Gates not having Derek Wolfe or CJ Mosley available.


With the week 10 AF Top 25 now released, if the Season ended today, AF#15 Roxteady would win the Centurion Division, AF#3 Suspension Freaks would win the Gladiator Division, and AF#8 Insane Clowney Posse would secure the Standings Wild Card, all avoiding Wild Card Weekend with Week 13 Byes.  The Points Wildcard would go to AF#22  BIGDOGINTEX, which would mean Sleeper Agent would get to the post season with the Sacks Wild Card for the last playoff spot. The Mighty Pats are 5 sacks off of the Agent’s total and 1 point off of BIGDOGINTEX’s scoring total, with The Cavalry and the Agents also so close in the points race that predicting the playoffs would be near impossible other than knowing the Freaks and likely the Clowns will be there in some fashion.