Hawaii #1, Kokomo #Twice; Week 10 Top 25

AF TOP 25 – Once again, the IFFL‘s Hawaiian Beach Bums (9-0-0) come in at AF#1 on this weeks Top 25 after another win and another dominant performance, beating the defending league champion Perth Panthers last week, 264-204 and mainting they’re 45 Power Ranking (PR).  It was a revenge game for the Bums after Perth rolled over them last year – their inaugural season – in the Pacific Division Championship Game.  Still undefeated, and still seemingly unstoppable, Hawaii stands at the brink of entering the playoffs without a single loss.  They are averaging 248 points per game while their opponents in the final two weeks of the IFFL‘s regular season are averaging just 173 and 187 per game each.

Just as historic as Hawaii’s season is shaping up to be, for the first time in Top 25 history, a single coach makes an apearance with 2 top 5 teams in the same week.  The Kokomo Kings (LFC) in the Association’s brand new Leatherheads Fantasy Conference took a close week 9 loss to King George Blutos, 116-124, and dropped two spots to AF#5, but their Dixie League counterpart moved up two places to come in at AF#4.  The Kings (LFC) are 7-2-0 with a week 10 PR of 101 and are not only 1st in the league standings, but also in scoring – by a comfortable margin – though they are still several weeks out from the LFC’s week 14 regular season finale.  The Kings (Dixie) have earned a 99 PR through week 10 tracking and sport a 14-4-0 record in the Dixie’s double header schedule.  They are also first place in the Dixie’s Home Run Derby (Touchdowns scored) – a title they won last season, as well – and are expected to sail into the Western League Championship Series after week 11.

The AF#3 Suspension Freaks (9-0-0) in the Legion of Defense and the AF#6 WRATHOFODIN (9-0-0) both remain undefeated, after Hawaii, the last two teams in the Association with that distinction.  Odin has slipped out of the top 5 largely due to what’s been perceived as a soft schedule, and will face their toughest challenge yet this weekend as they play at bye week strength in the Super 16’s hometeam format.  The Freaks will be facing their rival AF#8 Insane Clown Posse (6-3-0) this week but have already secured their post season and likely feel no pressure.  Like Kokomo. the Freaks have a top 25 counterpart, the AF#12 Suspension Freaks XL in the Fantasy Addicts League, who also happen to be represented in the 2018 AF Pro Bowl Tournament and are currently leading in the standings against the consensus best of the best of the 2017 season.  The Freaks XL will be facing this week’s final Top 5 franchise this weekend, the AF#2 monkeys on ecstasy (8-1-0) in the Addicts League.  The monkeys’ 84 PR and their ranking as second best in the Association is a testeament to the sheer dominance they’ve had all season in the Special Edition ladder scheduling being run this year in their league where they’ve faced the #2 team in every single match all year, losing just the once.  Three times in their 9 games this season they’ve posted scores in the top 11 of all scores ever recorded in the Addicts’ 7 year history (over 1,150 games) with their sights set on a third League Championship.

The AF Stats Department will be compiling the rankings for all of the teams playing in Association Leagues beyond each league’s regular season, into the playoffs and all the way through week 17,compiling the Power Rankings by tracking 5 distinct categories (Record, Overall Wins, Consistency, Point Percentage, Coaching Efficiency).  The PR scores have an inverse value, meaning the lower the score, the higher the team ranks – from 15 (a perfect score) to 1200 (last in every category)(For a full description of each category and how it is weighted, please visit the new Stats FAQ page.)  Click here for the complete Top 25 with teams’ league and PR Score included on the list, or you can check out the full rankings here, where they are broken down by category and chart all 80 Association League teams, and be sure to follow the scores of this week’s Top 25 match-ups in the sidebar at right.