S16: The Road To Super Bowl VII

SUPER 16 –  Week 9 is now in the past, and if history is any guide, the upcoming 4 weeks in the Super 16 will be an exciting scramble to squeeze through the turnstiles of the regular season and into the playoffs.  The action this past weekend was intense, as the weather turned cool and teams fought to keep their seasons alive.  The first of the 6 post season slots have already been claimed as the juggernaut AF#5 WRATH OF ODIN (9-0-0) beat a bye strength Eagle has landed (4-5-0), 216-145, to remaIn undefeated and clinch the North Division title.  The Motor City Kitties (4-5-0) could have theoretically prolonged the crowning with a win, but despoite a MNF comeback attempt, the Kitties fell to Steel Curtain (5-4-0), 174-162 in what was a thrilling match that remained close from start to finish.  The other 5 playoff spots – 3 division championships and 2 wild cards – however are far from being decided and most of the remaining teams in the league have a shot at playing into December.

In what was one of the most entertaining games of the week, Dem Bucking Broncs (3-4-0) went down to The Dawg Pound (4-5-0) in an edge of your seat, back and forth battle that lasted all day Sunday and didn’t conclude until Monday’s come from behind vistory by the Dawgs who scored 17 unaanswered points monday night to post a 147-141 victory.  The West’s division leaders, AF#21 1 Eye Til I Die (7-2-0), the league #2 and strong favorites going into a SimulPlay match with cross-bay rival SF’s BowMen (2-7-0), could have secured the division title with a win and a Broncs loss, but the BowMen had other things in mind, and pulled off a massive, one-sided victory, 192-143.  The one eyed bandits’ loss opened the door to let Arizona back in the race after the Firebirds’ week 9 win, 168-140, over The Indy-structibles.  Now 4-5-0, the 2017 Champs would still be a longshot to overtake 1 Eye, but they are still mathematically viable for the crown.  The two will play each other in week 11, their first meeting, in the season opener was a 10 point 1 Eye victory.

Steel Curtain’s win over Motor City has given them the East Division lead and a 1 game head start in the standings.  Geno’s Jaw Breakers and the AF#17 Northern Fins faced each other head to head, playing to a 198-164 Jaw Breaker victory to leave both teams with a 4-5-0 record.   Eagle has landed (4-5-0) is second in division after their loss to Odin, thanks to a 3-2 division record and will finish the season in week 13 by facing off with Steel Curtain in the Pennsylvania Classic, but first, will get a week 10 rematch against Odin who will take their turn at playing Bye strength.  The only divisional matches remaining for the year in the East all feature Steel Curtain, who not only must finish vs Eagle, but will face the Jaw Breakers in week 12 and the Fins upcming in week 10; a sweep of the division would insure their first ever Division Championship, but even if they do not, it seems unlikely that the East division is decided before the final week of the regular season.

It took just one weekend for the South Division to return to the two horse race the league has come to be familiar with as the AF#16 Birds of Prey (6-3-0) and the AF#22 Who Dat Saints (6-3-0) flexed their muscles with week 9 wins over the Texas wing of the division.  WTF HOUSTON (4-5-0) fell to last in the division, but still 7th in the league after their 218-173 loss to BoP and BIGDOGINTEX (5-4-0) failed in their MNF comeback attempt, going down to the Who Dats 239-157, and fall from 3rd to 5th in the league, still in good position for at least a wild card run.  Three HUGE divisional SimulPlay games – BIGDOG vs BoP, Week 11; BoP vs Who Dat, week 12(Thanksgiving NIght); and Who Dats vs BIGDOGS in the week 13 season finale – are going to play pivotal roles in the final standings for the South Diviison and in the ultimate 2019 playoff seeding.  Four weeks of regular season play remain in the Super 16, and they project to be just as esciting as any season past; buckle up, get the popcorn, and crank up the fight songs, it’s going to be fun.