Hawaii Still The Best

TOP 25 – For the 3rd consecutive week and the 4th time this season, the IFFL’s Hawaiian Beach Bums are the Association’s number 1 team after slaughtering the 20th ranked New Orleans VooDoo, 201-99 in Week 8.  That makes Hawaii 8-0-0 and they turn in a Power Rating (PR) score of 45 this week, 1 point better than last week.  The Beach Bums have already secured their post season appearance – second in a row for the two year old team – and are ranked 1st in the IFFL by a 2 game margin; 1st in their Pacific Division by a 4 game margin; 1st in total scoring by over a 150 points (1964); 3rd in total yards, 3rd in passing yards, 7th in rushing yards and 4th in receiving.  After just 8 games they have eclipsed their 2017 regular season (11 game) scoring total of 1782 points, and are just 139 points away from passing 2017’s scoring leader (Los Angeles Dragons, 2103 points in 12 games).  The IFFL Season Scoring Record (Venice Killerwhales, 3280; 2015) tracks scoring through a full 17 weeks of the Regular and Post Season play, and at their current clip, Hawaii is on track to break that record by roughly a thousand points!  This week, they face the league’s defending Champion Perth Panthers who are on a 3 game win streak and jumped up 9 spots this week to make their first appearance of the season on the Top 25 at AF#19.

Joining the Beach Bums among the ranks of the last undefeated teams in the Association are this week’s AF#2 Suspension Freaks of the Legion of Defense and the Super 16’s AF#5 WRATH OF ODIN.  The Freaks were the 2016 League Champion in the Association’s all defensive league with their eyes set on a return to glory, and are coming off of a week 8 nail-biter, where they beat their biggest league rival,  the 8th ranked Insane Clowney Posse by a score of just 63-61.  Their week 9 opponent, a personal rival, Sleeper Agent, has been named the Legion’s Defense of the Week for the past two weeks in a row so they’ll have their work cut out for them to remain unbeaten.  In the Super 16, ODIN has been unstoppable, with the schedule gods on their side, they lead the league in total scoring while being simultaneously second to last in points scored against.  The result has been one lopsided victory after another as they cut through the league like Berserkers on a raiding rampage.  With a win against the league #9 Eagle has landed, who is at bye week strength this week, they’ll clinch their first playoff appearance in the league since 2014 when they won the Super Bowl (while playing as BEARMINATORS).

Rounding out the Top 5, are this week’s AF#3 Kokomo Kings (LFC) and AF#4 monkeys on ecstasy.  In the first ever season of the Leatherhead Fantasy Conference, the Kings were undefeated as well going into week 8, but they suffered a 149-128 upset loss to the 66th ranked Frosted Flaccos, their first loss of the season.  Their PR Score dropped from 77 to 94 after that loss, but they still managed to hang onto the AF#3 position.   Falling two spots in the rankings, but still coming in with a sub-100 PR Score, the AF#4 monkeys are 7-1-0 as well.  After facing the league #2 in every match this season in the Fantasy Addicts League’s ladder format, the monkey’s only loss came to Suspension Freaks XL in week 4;’ they’ve beaten the XL Freaks on 4 other occasions this season, including last week when they were the AF#10.  This week the monkeys must play the AF#9 Mighty Pats (Addicts).   Outside of the top 5, but just as big of a match-up this week, will be the World League’s AF#8 Buenos Aires Blue Dogs going head to head with the AF#14 Mexico Aztecs in the WFL’s Premier Match of the Week.

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