Dublin Rolls Over CoC

WORLD LEAGUE – In the World League’s week 8 Premiere Match, the underdog Dublin Bay Prawns (5-3-0) rolled right over the AF#19 City of Champions Rollers (5-3-0) as if they never even showed up to the stadium.  The Prawns put up the first points of the match, scoring on a Josh Lambo field goal in the UK game, and then played from a lead through the remainder of the game, never falling behind, and only extending their cushion throughout the day.  The contest appeared over early, especialy once Dublin took their bigest lead of the day early in the afternoon games on the strength of a nearly 30 point performance by their franchise halfback, Joe Mixon.  After finishing strong with a 119/1/16.93 statline from receiver Stefan Diggs on Sunday Night Football, Dublin carried a 129-67 lead going into Monday night where City of Champions made a late comeback attempt before eventually falling 129-103.  For the Rollers, the league’s 4th highest scoring franchise going into this match, week 8 was an afternoon where just nothing would come together for them, including 6of 10 starters failing to reach even 10 points, including their star QB, Drew Brees, throwing for just 120 yards and a single touchdown on his way to a season low of 5 points.

After beating Youngstown in Week 8, Jerusalem is 6-2 to give them their best start in franchise history, 1 win better than the squad that won World Bowl 2 in 2014. Led by their young franchise QB, who is currently ranked 5th in the league, they’ll face the defending Champion Scandinavian Stars in Week 9

With the win, the Prawns keep pace with Eastern Conference leader Jerusalem (6-2-0), who beat Youngstown ( 4-4-0) 112-98 but Old England (5-3-0) also came away from week 8 with a victory, 133-95 over Cali, and ramks just ahead of the prawns in the standings  The 2016 defending champ Scandinavian Stars (3-5-0) took a close loss,122-114 from Buenos Aires, and London (3-5-0) and Milan (3-5-0) both took home victories, but the 3 of them all remain 2 and 3 games back from the Conference leaders as the schedule moves into the conference match-up weeks.   In the Western Conference, the Mexico Aztecs (6-2-0) suffered an upset loss to London Falling, 97-80, but remains in first, while Buenos Aires (5-3-0) moves into second place after squeaking out their win over the reining champion Stars.  City of Champions’ loss leaves them in 3rd place in the conference with youngstown in fourth.   The next 5 weeks should be thrilling as each conference begins play against each other on the way to the playoffs, beginning with a much anticipated showdown between Buenos Aires and Mexico.