Hawaii Strikes Hard – Week 8 Top 25

TOP 25 – The Hawaiian Beach Bums, the IFFL’s league #1 is once again the Association #1 after rolling over the Scottish Claymores, 273-211, to make it to a 7-0-0 record.  Their cumulative performance this year gives them a 46 Power Rank (PR) right now, the highest any team has had all season.   Hawaii is one of 4 remaining unbeaten teams left in the Association, along with this week’s AF#3, the Kokomo Kings of the fledgling Leatherheads Fantasy Conference, the AF#4 WRATH OF ODIN in the Super 16, and the AF#5 Suspension Freaks in the Legion of Defense.  All three are are 7-0-0 and they all have sub-100 PR’s for the week.  Slipping in with the undefeated franchises, monkeys on ectasy (6-1-0) in the Fantasy Addicts climbed two spots up to AF#2 on the strength of their Week 8 PR of 76.  Because the Addicts League is running a year-long ladder schedule this season, the monkeys have faced off with the league #2 every week this season, losing just once – 289-356 in week 4 to AF#10 Suspension Freaks XL who they’ve beaten 3 other times – all while scoring 3 of the 7 year old league’s top 10 scores of all time.

This week’s Top 25 sets up several, big, marquee match-ups (see right), including the AF#1 Beach Bums (7-0-0) facing the AF#20 New Orleans VooDoo where the Bums are favored to move to 8-0-0 (Follow Hawaii vs New Orleans here).  In the Addicts, AF#2 monkeys on ecstasy (6-1-0) and AF#10 Suspension Freaks XL (4-3-0) go at it for the 5th time this season.  The Freaks have only been able to beat the monkeys one time in the first 4 meetings and are averaging 301 points per game to the monkeys’ 349.  (Follow monkeys vs Freaks XL here)  In a similar scenario as the Addicts League, AF#5 Suspension Freaks (7-0-0) and AF#8 Insane Clowney Posse (5-2-0) in the Legion of Defense’s divisional ladder portion of the regular season, will play each other again this week.  They were ranked AF#7 and #9 last week when the Freaks pulled off an 84-62 victory.  (Follow Freaks vs Clowns here)  In the Dixie League, the AF#6 Jacksonville Tarpons (11-2-1) and the AF#7 Kokomo Kings (10-4-0) will be facing each other in double header action.  These two have seperated themselve from the rest of the league all season, each setting multiple scoring records in the league, and this game could be a preview of the League Championship.  (follow Tarpons vs Kings here).

Youngtown has just gone all in on their rookie QB sensation Patrick Mahomes, putting their veteran signal caller and future Hall ofFame up for gras in the dynasty format World League.

Each week, our Stats Department not only compiles the rankings for all of the teams playing in Association Leagues, but also charts there movement up or down along that ranking list, and this week’s top mover was Youngstown Mafia (4-3-0) who jumped up 26 points to break into the Top 25 at AF#25 after murdering London in the World League 188-122 and breaking the league’s all time record for high score (Scandinavia, 177, Week 3.16).   Youngstown replaced the WFL’s 2016 Champion, Dacusville Devils and is in their inaugural season, just 7 games into their world league career.  There Top 25  debut PR is 412.  The Stats Department compiles the Power Rankings by tracking 5 distinct categories (Record, Overall Wins, Consistency, Point Percentage, Coaching Efficiency).  PR scores have an inverse value, meaning the lower the score, the higher the team ranks – The PR scores can range from 15 (a perfect score) to 1200 (last in every category)(For a full description of each category and how it is weighted, please visit the new Stats FAQ page, found either at that link or as a sub-tab under the AF Stats menu tab.)  The rankings are cumulative through to Week 17 measuring teams’ performances through the entire season.  Click here for the complete Top 25 or you can check out the full rankings here, broken down by category and carting all 80 Association League teams.

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