Patriots Win Thrilling Shootout

WORLD – The Week 7 Premier Match in the World League was as thrilling a shootout as possible as the AF#5 Buenos Aires Blue Dogs and the AF#23 Old England Patriots went back and forth with each other all through the day Sunday and into the night game just as you’d expect from the #1 and #3 scoring teams in the league.  With the teams trading points and lead changes, back and forth, this one came down to who had the ball last, and that would be Old England, who had one player left going into Monday Night Football.  The Patriots trailed by 5 points when their franchise QB, Matt Ryan took the field and scored the final lead change late in the 2nd quarter on his only touchdown pass of the game.  eventually finishing the Blue Dogs off, 119-102.  England picked up double digit performances from 5 of their starters, including a 33 point stat line from RB Marlon mack who they signed off the street just 10 days ago.  Now, 4-3-0, Old England has won 4 of their last 5 has their sights set on first place in the Eastern Conference.

Patriots-Blue Dogs scoring chart through the afternoon on Sunday

Buenos Aires’ loss leaves them 4-3-0 and suddenly  a game behind City of Champions – who staged a 28 point comeback to beat Scandinavia 104-85 – and in a standings tie with the Youngstown Mafia.   Youngstown snapped a 3 game slide with a monstrous 188 point game that shatters the WFL Single Game Performance Record, demolishing London Falling 182-122.  Now 4-3-0, Youngstown remains behind the Conference leaders for now.   AF#13 Mexico holds onto a 1game lead on the rest of the Western Conference after rolling over Milan 113-76, and advancing to a 6-1-0 record.

After an upsest loss to Arizona, 79-95, Dublin Bay is now 4-3-0 and loses the top spot in the East, opening the door for Jerusalem who are now 5-2-0 after beating Cali Rox 107-64, and slides into 3rd behind Old England.