Hawaii Back On Top; Week 7 Top 25

TOP 25 – Leapfrogging the Super 16’s WRATH OF ODIN (6-0-0), the IFFL’s Hawaiian Beach Bums (6-0-0) have reclaimed the #1 spot in the Association on the latest edition of the Top 25.   The Bums’ Power Rank (PR) climbed from 69 to 57 after they defeated the Los Angeles Dragons by over a hundred points last week, while Odin’s PR fell from 47 to 63 after their win over a 1-5 Arizona Firebirds squad.  Both Hawaii and ODIN are still undefeated at the midway point of the regular season, and joining them among the ranks of the Association’s shrinking unbeaten club are the AF#4 Suspension Freaks of the Legion of Defense and the AF#6 Kokomo Kings (LFC) in the fledgling Leatherhead Fantasy Conference.  The AF#8 Kokomo Kings (DIX) in the Dixie are still 6-0 in direct head to head action as well, but in double header play their record is 8-4, leaving just 4 true undefeated teams left.

At the Week 7 AF#3 spot, monkeys on ectasy (5-1-0) in the Fantasy Addicts’ League retain their top 3 ranking with a sub-100 PR.  Playing under the Addicts’ special 7th Aniversary Ladder Scheduling format, the monkeys have been ranked #1 in the league all season, forcing them to play the league #2 every week, suffering their only loss to Suspension Freaks XL (4-2-0) in week 4 when the Freaks XL were the AF#9.  They’ve beaten them in 2 other match-ups this year while setting the Addicts’ record book on fire, and the two will face off once more this week, topping an impressive collection of big Top 25 match-ups.  Besides the AF#3 monkeys vs the AF#7 Freaks XL, defensive fans will be treated to the Legion of Defense’s biggest rivalry when the AF#4 Suspension Freaks play the AF#9 Insane Clowney Posse.  The World League’s Premiere Match of the week features the AF#5 Buenos Aires Blue Dogs meeting the #23 Old England Patriots, and the Super 16 gets two Top 25 pairings: the league’s Game of the Week, a bitter rivalry between the AF#11 Who Dat Saints and the AF#19 Birds of Prey – who jumped 13 spots on this week’s list, along with two dangerous rising league powers, the AF#24 1 Eye Til I Die and AF#25 Steel Curtain.

The AF Top 25 is the weekly ranking for all of the 80 teams playing in Association Leagues based on 5 distinct categories (Record, Overall Wins, Consistency, Point Percentage, Coaching Efficiency).  Each category is then weighted and combined to give an overall Power Rank (PR) score.  Each week, our Stats Department releases the new rankings, based on teams’ PR Scores. The scores can range from 15 (a perfect score) to 1590 (last in every category)(For a full description of each category and how it is weighted, please visit the new Stats FAQ page, found either at that link or as a sub-tab under the new AF Stats menu tab.)  The rankings are cumulative through to Week 17 measuring teams’ performances through the entire season.

A new list is published each week under the all-new AF Stats menu tab and you can view the full rankings of all 106 teams playing in Association Leagues under the AF Rankings sub-tab, complete with their stats in all ranking categories.  For a quick look, the Top 25 gets its own sub-tab there, as well as being highlighted here each week.