Big Blue Wrecking Crew

WORLD LEAGUE –The 2017 WFL runners-up, the Buenos Aires Blue Dogs (4-2-0) nearly single handedly surpassed the game’s over/under (185) in a record breaking performance on their way to rolling over theDublin Bay Prawns (4-2-0) 177.19-104.53 in the Premiere Match of Week 6.  Buenos Aires took the lead early, and then went way ahead in the score quickly, only to go even further ahead later in this track meet where four of their players eclipsed 20 points each and 3 more topped 15.  Dublin had been favored in this one by a single point, but have now lost 7 times in a row to the Blue Dogs, going all the way back to 2012, although they’ll still retain their #1 spot in the Eastern Conference after the loss, and will try to turn things around next week against Arizona.  For the Blue Dogs, their score falls just 0.15 points short of the all time league record of 177.34 set by the Scandinavian Stars in week 3 of 2016, and may still get there on a stat correction.

Despite their big win, Buenos Aires finds themselves still in second place in the Western Conference after a monumental comeback victory by the Mexico Aztecs (5-1-0) in an epic back and forth super heavyweight fight with the Old England Patriots (3-3-0).  Trading blows all through Sunday, the Aztecs’ and Patriots’ contest lasted late into Monday Night Football, where the two entered being separated by just 4 points with the Patriots in the lead and both with a tight end left to play.  Mexico pulled off the come from behind victory to maintain control of the Western Conference in the thrilling match, while England falls to 3rd in the East. while second place in the East, the Jerusalem Cheeseheads (4-2-0) suffered an upset loss, 93-102 as the Arizona Thunderbirds (1-5-0) get their first win, but the Cheeseheads remain a game ahead of England.  Third place on the western side of the Atlantic remains in the hands of City of Champions (4-2-0) who delivered a 118-55 loss to the Milan Wild Boars (2-4-0)