Superior Firepower

WORLD LEAGUE – The expansion Youngstown Mafia went toe to toe with the league juggernaut English Patriots through most of the World League’s Week 5 Premier Match, but Old England had enough left in the tank to slip ahead on Monday night, defeating Youngstown 94-88 in a come from behind victory.  It was actually a subpar score for England, who -despite the 2-2 start – had been averaging 110 points per game coming into the match.  But a win is a win, and the Patriots advance to a 3-2-0 record and are moving into a position to challenge for first place in the Eastern Conference.  For now, first in the East still belongs to the Dublin Bay Prawns (4-1-0) with the Jerusalem Cheeseheads (4-1-0) right behind them.  Both franchises have been red hot all season and both come away from week 5 with solid wins, particularly Jerusalem who steamrolled the League #1, AF#12 Mexico Aztecs 114-77; the two won’t play each other until Week 11.  The defending champion Scandinavian Stars got a win in Week 5

Rolling over the powerhouse Mexico Aztecs in Week 5, the Jerusalem Cheeseheads are knocking on the door to first place in the East

as well, but it was only their second of the season and against the last in league relocated Thunderbirds in ArizonaLondon and Milan lost in Week 5 as well and both will be 2-3-0 along with the Stars.

Youngstown’s loss will leave them 3-2-0 and drop them all the way down to fourth in the Western Conference.  After a 3-0 start on the road, the Mafia have dropped two, back to back before home crowds and will go back on the road in Week 6 to try to right the ship against the struggling Scandinavia franchise.  Mexico’s loss to Jerusalem ends their undefeated streak, but they remian in control of the Western Conference with a 4-1-0 record, but Buenos Aires and City of Champions are right on the Aztecs’ heels as each of them posted big Week 5 wins and advance to 3-2-0, just one game back from Mexico.  The Blue Dogs and the CoC Rollers both helped themselves in the standings with high scoring performances – 117 points for City of Champions and a whopping 142 for Buenos Aires – closing the gap and keeping the pressure on first place Mexico.  Buenos Aires and Mexico both have very tough match-ups on the road in Week 6, leaving the door open for Youngstown and City of Champions who have much softer opponents scheduled.  After relocating from New Orleans and rebranding themselves as the T-Birds in the offseason, Arizona remains winless at 0-5-0 and must face Jerusalem in a week.