Saints and FINners

SUPER 16 – The first game of the 2018 season in the S16 to feature a pair of Top 25 ranked teams is the Week 5 Game of the Week.  It’s also a rematch of Super Bowl V as the AF#10 Who Dat Saints (3-1-0) face off with the AF#23 Northern Fins (3-1-0).  Both teams were undefeated before losing in the Week 4 massacre last week, and both teams are fighting through divisions where every win is going to be critical.  The Who Dats have the edge over the Fins, historically, beating them two of the three times the pair have met, but the Fins lone win in the series was in the 2016 Championship Game where they rolled over the Who Dats, 242-212 on they way to the Lombardi Trophy.  The League’s Saint franchise may have the advantage this time around, as the League #3 in total scoring, they are out performing the Fins by 20 points per game going into this match, although the latest line has the Fins as 11 point favorites.

The Fins control the East Division for the moment, but would fall behind either AF#16 Geno’s Jaw Breakers (2-2-0) or Eagle has landed (2-2-0) who are playing each other this week with one team guaranteed to come out of the match 3-2, while the Who Dats need a win in this one to keep South Division rival AF#20 Birds of Prey (3-1-0) at bay.  The Birds are playing a SImulPlay match that could be a high scoring shootout against the East Division’s Steel Curtain (1-3-0) who, despite the slow start, can be dangerous down the stretch.  With major standings implications for so many teams, this one’s sure to be exciting and likely won’t be decided until late on Monday night.

Elsewhere in the league, there are two other SimulPlay games,  as SF’s BowMen (1-3-0) will play the Arizona Firebirds (1-3-0) for the chance to be a distant second behind AF#13 1 Eye Til I Die (4-0-0)  and South Division and in-state rivals WTF HOUSTON (1-3-0) and BIGDOGINTEX (2-2-0) play a Texas-sized showdown in the other.  The S16’s two remaining undefeated teams, 1 Eye, and AF#3 WRATH OF ODIN (4-0-0) will be in possible trap games this weekend, 1 Eye vs Motor City Kitties (2-2-0), and ODIN vs The Dawg Pound (2-2-0) in a hugely important division contest.