Irish Mob

WORLD LEAGUE – In the week 4 Premier Match between the league #1 and #3 teams, it was the Irish Mob that came out on top of the turf war with the expansion Youngstown Mafia as the Dublin Bay Prawn’s ruined Youngstown’s home opener 109-83.  Dublin took the lead on Thursday night and never trailed, racking up 5 touchdowns and 3 field goals, the Prawns withstood a late comeback attempt by the Mafia, and held on to win it.  They are now 3-1-0 and still in first place in the Eastern Conference, but Jerusalem is just 75 points behind them, also at 3-1-0 after the Cheeseheads defeated City of Champions, in a close one, 105-97.   Dublin and Jerusalem won’t play each other until week 11.  The traditional Eastern Conference powerhouses, London (1-3-0), Scandinavia (1-3-0), and Old England (2-2-0) have all started the season at or below .500 along with Milan (2-2-0)

Starting out 4-0-0, Mexico’s Offense is led by a tandem of the league’s #3 and #4 scoring backs.

Youngstown’s loss means they will fall to 2nd place in the Western Conference with a 3-1-0 record after the Mexico Aztecs slaughtered Scandinavia, 145-74 and come away at 4-0-0 as the last undefeated team in the WFL.   Led by the runningback duo of Ezekiel Elliot and Melvin Gordon, the Aztecs are also first in the league in scoring, averaging 116 points per game.  Despite their 2-2-0 record, Old England is the league’s #2 scoring club, putting up 164 points this past weekend alone.  The two will play in Week 6.  Elsewhere in the West, Buenos Aires and City of Champions have evened out at 2-2-0, California is 1-3-0, and Arizona remains winless in the basement.